Patch 7.2: Druid Class Mount – News

The 3rd LFR wing of Nighthold opens, Calamir is this week’s world boss. You can gain additional Honor when completing Arena skirmishes through the bonus event and Hatching of the Hippogryphs is scheduled for February 23.


The 3rd LFR Wing opens today. March 7 is when the last wing opens.

The weekly Nighthold quest is The Nighthold: Focused Power.

More information about Nighthold can be found in our detailed Nighthold Survival Guide.

World Boss Calamir

Calamir is up this week. Search for the epic world quest Calamitous Intent in Azsuna. Killing him grants credit toward Unleashed Monstrosities.

World Boss Loot Tables

The following loot can be acquired from this week’s world boss. The baseline item level is 860 and all the loot can be Warforged and/or Titanforged. Don’t forget to use a Seal of Broken Fate for an additional chance to receive loot. 

Calamir’s Jaw

Frostburned Sabatons

Mana-Tanned Sandals

Pendant of Cold Flame

Ring of Frozen Magic

Sandals of Frozen Ash

Warboots of Smoldering Fury

Arena Bonus Event (February 21 – 28)

For the event’s duration, Sign of the Skirmisher significantly increases Honor gained from Arena skirmishes. Don’t forget to pick up the quest The Arena Calls from Archmage Timear. When completing 10 skirmishes, you get Glory of the Melee, Badge of Honor and Champion’s Strongbox.

Hatching of the Hippogryphs (February 23 – 24)

You can earn a hippogryph that will sit on your shoulder for 24 hours (Frayfeather Hatchling). If you locate and kill Lorthalium, he will drop Spectral Feather that extends the duration to 5 days. We’ve previewed the event in more detail here.

For Azeroth Promotion (February 14 – March 14)

The event is starting today and you can earn a mount in both World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm by playing 15 games of HotS as a Warcraft Hero with a friend. More details can be found here.


The Right Path // Laying to Rest > awards Spirit of Eche’ro

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

Is back and available as a world quest every Sunday at 2 p.m. PST. More on what has changed can be read here.

Mythic+ Affixes (US)

Teeming // Necrotic // Tyrannical

Mythic+ Affixes (EU)


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