Patch 7.3: Item Level 1000 Legendary Spotted


Well, the time has come it seems, as we’ll be reaching item level 1000 on Argus. The crafted  Celumbra, the Night's DichotomyCelumbra, the Night’s Dichotomy in the image below from the PTR is probably only there for test reasons, but the item level checks out in terms of legendaries post-Antorus raid opening.


The item level for Mythic Antorus: The Burning Throne loot starts at 960, and the final boss, Argus the Unmaker loot is at 970, so having legendaries from that period be at 1k ilevel sounds about right.

3Uc9GKu.jpg   KKgF0EF.jpg

Now, we won’t quite be able to get an actual item level 1000 for a whole character, but having two 1k items equipped will still feel pretty good! Sure, we’ll have to wait for the raid to go live, which will be a fair chunk of time after the 7.3 patch itself does, but it’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks to Blackheart’s Tavern for the heads up!

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