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The day has come to sacrifice our artifacts (or rather their “stability”) to save Azeroth from the influence of Sargeras’ sword! There’s a new quest in Silithus, the last in the Magni chain, where we’ll be channeling the power of our artifacts into the sword and be getting a little buff for it (at least those of us under artifact level 126). After the deed is done our weapons will become “unstable” and be buffed to level 126 (or stay at the current level if it’s higher), with even higher increases coming in the following weeks.

Artifact Power tokens can now also be sold to vendors, as they can no longer be used to power your weapons.

Artifact Power (source 1, 2, 3)

Just some clarification on this one but yes there should be a quest called “The Speaker’s Call” that should begin the Artifact Weapon Overcharge. You will need to complete the prerequisite Magni quests in order to receive “The Speaker’s Call”. When you complete this it should overcharge your artifact up to Artifact Level 126 which puts you at 75 Concordance. All of the existing traits will function until the pre patch.

Take advantage of the overcharge and go take on things like the Mage Tower, Ahead of the Curve: Argus, and The Chosen that are removed when the prepatch goes live soon™. Also don’t forget the usual Mythic mount drop chances that will be lowered from their guaranteed 100% when Battle for Azeroth goes live!

If I’m higher than Artifact Level 126 and I do the quest, will I actually lose power?
It should only affect Artifacts that are below that value. So if you’re above Concordance 75 it should keep you at that Concordance value. However you might notice it jump up in a week or two

This just simply upon completion moves everyone to Concordance 75 and then next week another bump, and then another. You get the picture.

TL;DR: Smash everything.

Does it affect all specs or just one spec per toon?
All specs for that character upon completion of the quest.

And here’s the official post about the questline, as well as a roundup of all the things to finish up before the pre-patch.

The Speaker’s Call (source)

It won’t be long before the Battle for Azeroth consumes the world, and the clock is ticking on several activities and rewards in World of Warcraft: Legion.

Heed the Speaker’s Call

Silithus has become a hive of activity following the wounding of Azeroth by Sargeras’ sword. The Azerite seeping up to the surface has captured the attention of both the Horde and the Alliance, and a deadly race has begun to collect as much of this new resource as possible. While these two factions focus on a future of war, Magni Bronzebeard has turned his attention to finding a solution to Azeroth’s plight.

Magni is putting out a call to heroes from every corner of the world to gather once more in Silithus. There, you’ll need to use the power of your Artifact weapon to draw out the darkness from Sargeras’ sword and help stabilize Azeroth’s grievous wounds. There’s a price to be paid, however, and you’ll find that once you’ve lent your aid, your Artifact weapon will become a little unstable. But with this instability comes a temporary boost in power . . . which will, perhaps a bit ominously, continue ramp up over time.

Once the Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch (aka pre-patch) arrives closer to launch, Artifact weapon traits will no longer function —but there’s a new power waiting to be gained, if Magni has anything to say about it.

Earn Your Mage Tower Artifact Appearance

If you haven’t yet earned your Artifact Challenge appearances for your class, you still have time. To help aid you on your quest, the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore will offer the quest 24/7 from now until the release of the pre-patch.

To get started on your classes’ Artifact Challenge appearance quest, you’ll need to visit War Councilor Victoria at Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore. The first time you take on the challenge is still free, but it will cost you Nethershards for each following attempt.

Once the Artifact Challenge quest is no longer available, if you’ve earned the base challenge appearance for your class specialization, you’ll be able to continue earning the three alternate tints for that specialization’s Artifact at any point thereafter.

To gain access to the Artifact Challenge quest, you’ll need to be level 110, have earned all 35 Artifact Levels for your weapon, and have completed the quest line to unlock access to the four new traits that became available with Patch 7.2.

Ahead of the Curve

With the arrival of the Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch, two time-limited Feats of Strength will no longer be obtainable—Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker and Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker, which charge heroes with defeating the final boss of Antorus, the Burning Throne in Heroic or Mythic difficulty respectively.

Once Battle for Azeroth goes live on August 14, the Violet Spellwing mount for completing the Blood of a Titan quest (defeat Argus the Unmaker on Heroic difficulty or higher) will also no longer be available—but if you’re interested in earning it before then, you can get a little help from your friends in the community. Keep an eye on the in-game Group Finder (I) or look for community-run groups like Friendship Birb or Perky Pugs.

First Aid No More!

With the upcoming systems changes in the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, we’re making some additional changes to professions, including removing First Aid as a secondary profession. Any achievements earned prior to then will become Feats of Strength, providing you one more feather in your proverbial cap and the bragging rights to say  “back in my day” and really own it. If you just can’t survive without a roll of bandages, don’t worry. Your friendly neighborhood tailor will be able to keep you covered.

Are You One of the Demonic Elite?

It won’t be long until Legion Season 7 ends, and with it the opportunity to earn the Demonic Elite achievement and the PvP-only Elite transmog. Once the season ends, the achievement will become a Feat of Strength. Keep an eye out here on the official site for more information on the end of the season. 

For more ideas on pre-launch activities to add to your to-do list, check out Wowhead’s What to do Before Battle for Azeroth guide.

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