Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes: April 29th


Here’s the latest round of hotfixes which includes the aforementioned Mythic Uu’nat nerfs and fixes for an issue with the Heart of Azeroth which prevented Ancestral Resonance from extending the duration of lust effects.

Subtlety Rogue changes are planned to go live after the weekly scheduled maintenance in your region this week and you can find them here.

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Dungeons and Raids



  • Goblins are once again easily able to vanquish “Volcanoth!” with their Bootzooka on the Lost Isles.
  • A Scarlet Letter” can now be completed by Zandalari trolls.

User Interface

  • The experience bar for Heart of Azeroth Heart of Azeroth will now indicate when a player has reached maximum level.

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