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We recently posted an article covering a new Patch 8.2 Essence which essentially unlocks one PvP talent in PvE. Blizzard is currently looking for focused feedback on Essences and here’s how you can help and make your voice heard!

To learn more information about Conflict and Strife, check out the following article.

The Essence was pushed to test realms earlier this week and requires further tuning. The primary goal is to provide an interesting choice in PvE and the chosen data are not final, which is why Blizzard is looking for feedback.

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You almost hyped me… /Cry
However yesterday’s blue said it was meant to be more of a 4th PvP talent than anything related to PvE, which to be honest is quite confusing since the essence is supposed to allow the use of a PvP talent in PvE…

The primary goal of the essence is to provide an interesting choice in PvE by giving access to an additional PvP talent. The essence is acquired through PvP, and is intended to be completely optional for PvE players.

In some cases this extra PvP talent may also have interesting uses in PvE, but it’s not expected to be a strong competitor in PvE content for every spec.

Again, the chosen abilities in PTR data are not final. In particular, the ones that would clearly be overpowered or problematic in PvE (such as Leader of the Pack) are generally cases where the final decision of which PvP Talent to give hasn’t yet been made.

The Data

Conflict and Strife is probably going to be the hardest Essence to balance and here are PvP talents which will be available in PvE sorted by Class.

Death Knight

Blood: Unholy Command –  Your Death Grip has two charges.

Frost: Chill Streak – Deals up to 6% of the target’s total health in Frost damage and reduces their movement speed by 70% for 4 sec. Chill Streak bounces up to 9 times between closest targets within 6 yards.

Unholy: Necrotic Strike – A vicious strike that deals [ 30% of Attack Power ] Plague damage, and converts 1 Festering Wounds into a Necrotic Wound, absorbing up to 7% of the target’s maximum health in healing recieved.

Demon Hunter

Havoc: Demonic Origins – The cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 2 min, but now lasts 15 sec.

Vengeance: Cleansed by Flame – Immolation Aura dispels all magical effects on you when cast.


Balance: Moonkin Aura – Starsurge grants 4% spell critical strike chance to 8 allies within 40 yards for 18 sec, stacking up to 3 times.

Feral: Leader of the Pack – While in Cat Form, you increase the melee and ranged critical chance of raid members within 40 yards by 5%. Leader of the Pack also causes affected targets to heal themselves for 4% of their maximum health when they critically hit with a melee or ranged attack. The healing effect cannot occur more than once every 6 sec.

Guardian: Sharpened Claws – Maul increases the damage done by your Swipe and Thrash by 25% for 6 sec.

Restoration: Overgrowth – Instantly applies Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, and Regrowth’s heal over time effect to the target.


All Specs: Survival Tactics – Feign Death removes all harmful magical effects, and reduces damage taken by 99% for 1.5 sec.


Arcane: Arcane Empowerment – Clearcasting can now stack 2 additional times, and increases the damage of Arcane Missiles by 5% per stack. Clearcasting no longer reduces the mana cost of Arcane Explosion.

Fire: Flamecannon – After standing still in combat for 2 sec, your maximum health increases by 3%, damage done increases by 3%, and range of your Fire spells increase by 3 yards. This effect stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 5 sec.

Frost: Concentrated Coolness – Frozen Orb’s damage is increased by 10% and is now castable at a location with a 40 yard range but no longer moves.


Brewmaster: Hot Trub – Purifying Brew deals 30% of your purified staggered damage to all enemies within 10 yards.

Mistweaver: Way of the Crane – Increases your Physical damage by 25%, you remove and become immune to all snare and root effects and you heal up to 3 nearest allies for 150% of all damage done. Lasts 15 sec.

Windwalker: Reverse Harm – Heals a friendly target for 8% of their maximum health, and causes 100% of the amount healed to instantly be dealt to the nearest enemy as Nature damage within 5 yards.


Holy: Divine Favor – Your next Holy Light or Flash of Light is increased by 100%, costs no mana and is unable to be interrupted.

Protection: Steed of Glory – Your Divine Steed lasts for an additional 2 sec. While active you become immune to movement impairing effects, and you knock back enemies that you move through.

Retribution: Unbound Freedom – Blessing of Freedom also increases movement speed by 30%.


Discipline: Premonition – Heals nearby targets within 20 yards for [ 75% of Spell Power ], and applies Atonement to yourself. Deals [ PS * BC1 ] Shadow damage to yourself for each Atonement you have active, and increases their duration by [ 5 + 0.1% of Spell Power ] sec.

Holy: Rapid Mending – Prayer of Mending is now instant cast, and its jump range is increased by 10 yards.

Shadow: Void Origins – Void Eruption is now instant cast.


All Specs: Smoke Bomb – Creates a cloud of thick smoke in a 8 yard radius around the Rogue for 5 sec. Enemies are unable to target into or out of the smoke cloud.


Elemental: Lightning Lasso – Grips the target in lightning, stunning the target and dealing O2% of the target’s maximum health in Nature damage over 5 sec. Can move while channeling.

Enhancement: Ride the Lightning – If there are more than 2 enemies within 8 yards when you cast Stormstrike, you also cast a Chain Lightning on the target, dealing [ 50% of Spell Power ] Nature damage. Otherwise, you conjure bolts of lightning to up to 2 furthest enemies within 40 yards dealing [ 50% of Spell Power ] Nature damage.

Restoration: Ancestral Gift – You become immune to Silence and Interrupt effects for 5 sec after using Spiritwalker’s Grace.


Affliction: Endless Affliction – Your Unstable Affliction deals the same damage as normal, but its duration is increased by 6 sec.

Demonology: Nether Ward – Surrounds the caster with a shield that lasts 3 sec, reflecting all harmful spells cast on you.

Destruction: Demon Armor – Protects the caster, increasing maximum health by 10% and increases armor by 150%.


Arms: Sharpen Blade – When activated, your next Mortal Strike will deal 15% increased damage and reduce healing taken by 50% for 6 sec.

Fury: Battle Trance – You go into a trance causing you to regenerate 3% of your health and generate 5 Rage every 3 sec for 18 sec after using Raging Blow twice in a row on a target. Using Raging Blow on a new target will cancel this effect.

Protection: Thunderstruck – Thunder Clap roots all targets for 1 sec.

You can find a list of all Essences available in Rise of Azshara here.

Looking for Feedback

If you want to participate in the testing, copy your character to PTR and speak to your respective Class trainer in any major city. Test characters are granted access to all Rank 3 Essences within the class Proving Grounds. Right-click your Heart of Azeroth to get started.

Blizzard has opened up new threads for focused feedback on Essences, so make sure to post your experience.

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Over in the BFA Class Development forum, we’ve opened four new threads for focused feedback on Essences. As you consider your experience with a particular Essence in the Rise of Aszhara PTR, please tell us what you think in the appropriate thread:

Feedback – Tank Essences

Feedback – Healer Essences

Feedback – Damage Essences

Feedback – Multiple Role Essences

Thank you very much!

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