Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes: May 6th – News

Blizzard added new Benthic tokens to the game in the latest Patch 8.2 build to make gearing up easier while in Nazjatar.

Benthic Tokens

Benthic tokens are similar to Relinquished tokens in Legion and they’re here to provide a gear catchup. The base item level is 385. All slots except for weapons, trinkets, and rings are available. Helm, Shoulders, and Chest pieces obviously provide Azerite gear.

The following tokens can be purchased from Finder Palta in Newhome for 5 Nazjatar Manapearls on the Horde side:

Benthic Bracers

Benthic Chestguard

Benthic Cloak

Benthic Gauntlets

Benthic Girdle

Benthic Helm

Benthic Leggings

Benthic Spaulders

Benthic Threads

Benthic items (ilvl 385) can also be rewarded from Nazjatar world quests (Source).

Finder Plata <Treasures of the Unshackled> vendor in Nazjatar. She sells gear tokens for Nazjatar Manapearls, a new currency from Nazjatar world quests, rares, and chests.


Benthic items generated for the Gloves, Legs, and Bracers slot come with interesting buffs:

Swimmer’s Legs (Legs) – You are 5% larger while in Nazjatar and The Eternal Palace.

Intra-Ocean Navigation (Wrists) – Your swim speed is increased in Nazjatar and The Eternal Palace by 5%.

Shadow Resistance (Gloves) – Shadow damage taken is reduced by 2% while in Nazjatar and The Eternal Palace.


Nazjatar Cloth Cuffs

Nazjatar Cloth Gloves

Nazjatar Cloth Legwraps


Nazjatar Leather Armbands

Nazjatar Leather Gloves

Nazjatar Leather Leggings


Nazjatar Mail Bracers

Nazjatar Mail Gloves

Nazjatar Mail Legs


Nazjatar Plate Gauntlets

Nazjatar Plate Legguards

Nazjatar Plate Vambraces

Upgrading Benthic Items

The base item level of Benthic items is 385, but you can upgrade them all the way up to item level 430.

Azsharan Pearling Kit costs 20 Nazjatar Manapearls and the item is used to empower a Benthic item from Nazjatar, making it Pearled aind increasing its item level to 400.

Azsharan Pearling Enhancement costs 10 Nazjatar Manapearls. The item’s used to empower a Pearled item from Nazjatar, increasin its item level by 5 up to a maximum of 430.

Azsharan Azerite Pearling Enhancement costs 30 Nazjatar Manapearls and the item is used to upgrade a Pearled Azerite item from Nazjatar, increasing its item level by 15, up to a maximum of 430.

Benthic tokens are here to help you catch up on gear in Rise of Azshara.

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