Patch 8.1.5 Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide & Giveaway

Comment by piraka810

on 2019-03-11T22:42:27-05:00

Is the wowhead premium thing like reddit gold?

Comment by hevgirl

on 2019-03-11T22:44:09-05:00


Comment by Ranma11788

on 2019-03-11T22:58:37-05:00

Beast Mastery Hunter buffs are also arriving in this patch with buffs to Celestial Alignment, Avenging Wrath, Ascendance, and Adrenaline Rush.

As a BM main, all of these abilities are new to me.

Comment by MrPillz

on 2019-03-11T23:07:38-05:00

and Shoalbreach Treads from Two Sides to Every Tale’ under New Collections and Heirlooms > Mounts
I’m gonna guess that it’s meant to be and ?

Comment by Acusiont

on 2019-03-12T00:07:47-05:00

I don’t know if this has been addressed before, but if you gained access to the Brawler’s Guild via one of the many Blood-soaked Invitations, do you have to regain access this time around or do you still have it (like going from Season 1 to Season 2)?

Comment by Draccy

on 2019-03-12T00:58:45-05:00

New Tortollan Seekers world quests?r
Does that mean more than just the inverted Beachhead or does that mean there are just multiple instances of that one?

Comment by TheLustful

on 2019-03-12T01:13:36-05:00

Must say I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that the new alliance war mount isn’t a horse.

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