Patch 8.1: Horde War Campaign Ending


A new War Campaign chapter is available to both factions in Tides of Vengeance and today, we’re looking at the Horde ending. This article contains major spoilers.

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8.1 Horde Campaign Highlights

In the 8.1 Horde campaign, you’ll help Rexxar in Tiragarde Sound, Gallywix confront Mekkatorque in Drustvar, Sylvanas free Ashvane from Tol Dagor, and Talanji fend off a staged Alliance attack in Nazmir. The campaign ends with a raid quest to defeat Jaina Proudmoore in the Battle of Dazar’alor and honoring King Rastakhan who was killed by the Alliance when they assaulted the city unbeknownst to the Horde.

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The King’s Death

King Rastakhan is dead, the Zandalari fleet has been decimated, and we have lost valuable soldiers. The Dark Lady is on her way from Orgrimmar to assess the situation. We must figure out our next move before the Alliance strike again. I believe protocol now would be to pay respects to the fallen king. We will determine our next move afterwards.

Nathanos tells you to go Dazar’alor and pay respects to the fallen king. There, you’ll see his altar, plenty of Zandalari Trolls as well as Baine, Nathanos, and Sylvanas who all came to pay tribute to Rastakhan.


Princess Talanji: Thank you for coming, champion. Zuldazar is still reeling from de Alliance attack. My people’s faith has been shaken… and so has my own.

Baine Bloodhoof: I too know the pain of losing a father. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to ask.

Nathanos Blightcaller: You have seen firsthand the treachery of the Alliance. Let your grief be sated by vengeance against them.

Baine Bloodhoof: This is not the time to speak of revenge, Blightcaller!

Nathanos Blightcaller: Enough! The warchief has arrived.

The Return of Derek Proudmoore

I’ll admit, I did not thing the Little Lion had it in him to kill King Rastakhan. Blood has been spilled, and vengeance must be had. Give me a moment to express my condolences, then come with me. We have more to do to win this war.


Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: My condolences on your loss, princess. Excuse me… Queen Talanji.

Princess Talanji: Titles mean little to me now. I must know… with de Zandalari navy in ruins, does de Horde intend to abandon us?

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: We do not turn our back on our allies, Talanji. The war campaign has taken an unfortunate turn, to be certain… but our cause is not lost.

Nathanos Blightcaller: my queen… reports are coming in from all outposts. The Alliance is tightening its grip. Victory is within their grasp.

Baine Bloodhoof: Perhaps we can open negotiations–

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: The Alliance slays the leader of the Zandalari, and you speak of negotiations?

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: No. This war will not end until we stand victorious. Until the Little Lion kneels before my throne.

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Meet me aboard the Banshee’s Wail. I have a plan to ensure the Proudmoore family pays dearly for Rastakhan’s death.

Aboard the Banshee’s Wail, Sylvanas raises Derek Proudmoore as a Forsaken and plans to use him as tool of vengeance. There’s a not yet implemented cutscene with the description:

PLACEHOLDER – Cutscene of Derek Proudmoore being revived, Baine getting angry about it.

Sylvanas has already managed to raise Delaryn Summermoon and Sira Moonwarden in Tyrande’s Ascension and now, she’s also raised Jaina’s brother. It almost seems that she’s raising pretty much every foe she can. Do you like where the story is heading? Let us know in the comments!

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