Patch 8.1 Hotfixes: December 13th

We’re back to daily hotfixes, as expected of the immediate post-patch period, with today’s batch focusing on PvP, with Alterac Valley GY spawn fixes as well as DK, Priest and Warlock tweaks. In the quests department we’re seeing a fan favorite bug go that’s generated many a post on reddit, namely there won’t be any more clone Anduins, Velens and Genns in the War room. It’s a shame, but at least the Alliance doesn’t have that clone leader advantage anymore so it was clearly a much needed faction balance change. There was also a fix for repeatable quests, some of which weren’t resetting properly, as well as the now standard World Quest fix section.

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Player versus Player

  • Alterac Valley

    • Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to spawn at Stonehearth Graveyard after dying.
  • Death Knight

  • Priest

  • Warlock


  • (With server restarts in each region) Fixed a bug that caused repeatable quests, such as Pet Battle dailies or Blingtron, to reset incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance players could not turn in “An End to the Killing ” to King Anduin Wrynn in Stormwind if they were also on the quest “On Whispered Winds “.
  • All NPCs related to “The Right Mech for the Job ” should now be visible, even when a Faction Assault is active.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players could see multiple copies of Anduin, Velen, and Genn in the Stormwind War Room.

World Quests

  • Fixed an issue where Horde players could not complete the quest “Cease all Summoning ” while the Nazmir Assault is active.
  • Fixed a bug where players were sometimes not granted quest credit during “Desert Crawl”.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Blight Barrels from behaving properly on “Barreling Through ”.
  • Baron Cloudsnipe will no longer chase players in Pozzik’s Experimental Bomber to the ends of the earth on “Romp in the Swamp ”. He’s still a crack shot, though.

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