Patch 8.1 Hotfixes: January 10th – News

The Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria achievement has been added to the game Patch 8.1.5, allowing players to collect new pets from Mists of Pandaria raids.

Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria

Mogu’shan Vaults, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Heart of Fear have all been updated with new pet drops and collecting all of them rewards a Sha pet (Happiness).


Corrupted Touch (Level 1)

Corrupted Ground (Level 2)

Void Portal (Level 4)

Seethe (Level 10)

Call Darkness (Level 15)

Dark Rebirth (Level 20)

Flavor Text: “This thing is equally as evil as it is adorable.”

A total of 11 pets have been added to Mists of Pandaria raids, if you want to obtain Happiness, you’ll need to get all of them. If they don’t drop for a while, don’t worry. All pets can be caged and purchased from the Auction House:

Mogu’shan Vaults

Stoneclaw – The Stone Guard

Wayward Spirit – Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

Comet – Elegon

Baoh-Xi – Will of the Emperor

Terrace of Endless Spring

Azure Windseeker – Tsulong

Spirit of the Spring – Lei Shi

Ravenous Prideling – Sha of Pride

Heart of Fear

Kor’thik Swarmling – Imperial Vizier Zor’lok (?) / Blade Lord Ta’yak (?) / Wind Lord Mel’jarak (?)

Spawn of Garalon – Garalon

Living Amber – Amber-Shaper Un’sok

Amberglow Stinger – Grand Empress Shek’zeer

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