Patch 8.1 PTR Broadcast Text – Mekkatorque and Gallywix

Comment by Dracology

on 2018-09-28T21:53:45-05:00

“… HAH! I’m just kiddin’! Of course I don’t care about that stuff, I’m flyin’ a freakin’ mech that shoots lasers made outta the planet’s blood!”r
You know.. I know I should hate him for that line, but I just can’t

Comment by austin6613

on 2018-09-28T21:54:28-05:00

Not even PLOT armor could save papa Mekkatorque. I knew him being in that one cutscene was to much gnome lore to ask for.

Comment by VindicatorElinra

on 2018-09-28T21:56:56-05:00

Alliance leader Frozen you say?r
Does this mean he’ll wake in three expansions and warn us about what the old go- I mean Azeroth whispered to him?

Comment by fatgunn

on 2018-09-28T21:58:42-05:00

Mekkatorquecicle will probably be the hook for us getting junker gnomes out of that scrap heap in Tiragarde.

Comment by Grumar

on 2018-09-28T22:03:37-05:00

alliance leaders always seem to be their own worst enemies, they’re always killing themselves.

Comment by ossiferdown

on 2018-09-28T22:03:48-05:00

Not so fast, High Stinker!r

Comment by shindock

on 2018-09-28T22:11:54-05:00

Mekkatorque is Tony Stark confirmed.(someone at blizzard has been reading too many marvel comics)

Comment by Arkeran

on 2018-09-28T22:14:16-05:00

Lord Admiral Proudmoore was as gallant as they come! She offered the Horde every chance to turn back.r
When it looked like the Horde might get the upper hand, the Lord Admiral turned the tables!r
And that’s how it happened. Lady Proudmoore was the bravest hero I’d ever seen! r
Horde bias … Yeah, yeah 😛

Comment by TehLucario

on 2018-09-28T22:41:13-05:00

PLOT Armor. Love it!

Comment by Norlamin

on 2018-09-28T22:43:36-05:00

I’m just glad he hasn’t fully been killed off. Not like he’s been utilized in any way, shape or form since they took back the top of Gnomeregan in Cata. Hopefully this actually leads into some form of development.

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