Patch 8.1 – Siege of Zuldazar Raid Armor – Cloth, Leather, Mail, Mythic Tints

Comment by Katlamos

on 2018-09-22T02:15:33-05:00

And once again, the mail set is the worst. Fk me for being a Hunter main, right?

Comment by aircanada64

on 2018-09-22T02:16:25-05:00

Those are some of the ugliest pieces of gear I’ve ever seen

Comment by Burpie

on 2018-09-22T02:16:42-05:00

So, everyone’s a DK now.

Comment by Galbrei

on 2018-09-22T02:17:17-05:00

Ok, I was a little worried when I saw the garbage looking armor the Alliance was getting out of this raid, but this I’m pleased with. The Mythic cloth is fantastic! Can’t wait to see the plate version.

Comment by Talime

on 2018-09-22T02:17:51-05:00

These sets, while not my style, are very high qulity … while the NE Sets look like basic reskins … great. *sigh* Should have known NEs can’t have nice things.

Comment by ZeroSapphire

on 2018-09-22T02:18:02-05:00

Once more mail looks terrible.

Comment by Daichimaru

on 2018-09-22T02:18:41-05:00

D: That Cloth set is fan-freaking-tastic!r
The Mail set this time is also great (Mythic variant) except for the boots… but hey, better than most Mail Armour.

Comment by PopCulturePooka

on 2018-09-22T02:19:06-05:00

I’m a light loving priest, excuse me while I adorn myself in BONES!

Comment by baldingwookiee

on 2018-09-22T02:19:40-05:00


Comment by pokcmvmxckm

on 2018-09-22T02:19:43-05:00

Loving the Bwonsamdi look going on! But why are there multiple Mythic recolors? Usually we only get one.

Comment by Kalindryas

on 2018-09-22T02:21:56-05:00

And once again no set in leather or mail will have kilt/robe ? That’s unfortunate….

Comment by Albaharmamar

on 2018-09-22T02:22:31-05:00

lmao sacrificing class sets was totally worth it right?… right?

Comment by Castrum

on 2018-09-22T02:23:09-05:00

I’m just here wondering why the sets for Uldir look like what the Zuldazar sets should have been, and vice versa.

Comment by StillAliveGuild

on 2018-09-22T02:23:31-05:00

The cloth set definitely has the Bwonsamdi aesthetic, especially in the mythic version. r
Is the leather set also Bwonsamdi themed, or is that drust themed? – a needed look since alliance have no leather sets from Kul Tiras that match the aesthetic of Drustvar. The helm especially reminds me of the various coven constructs you encounter in Waycrest manor. Maybe it’s purposefully ambiguous so future Kul’Tiran druids can wear it as their ‘signature set’.r
Mail set has some blood troll themes in it with the crawg shoulderpads and such, though I would enjoy it more if it showed more skin; maybe take away the fairly drab chestpiece and instead add some of the tattoos that the blood trolls have?

Comment by Aigilas

on 2018-09-22T02:24:31-05:00

leather AMAZING, cloth ALSO great with bwonsamdi flair, Mail AGAIN, is just pure garbage

Comment by MaximusPM

on 2018-09-22T02:25:36-05:00

Hate it how Blizzard makes several color variant during development, but scrap most of them when the patch ships.r
One of the non-mythic color variants is likely gonna get scrapper and 3 of the mythic variants should be scrapped as well. Just cross your fingers and hope it’s not the color you want that’s sent to the bin.r
P.S.: The cloth sets look awesome.

Comment by bettomendes

on 2018-09-22T02:29:14-05:00

I can’t even tell which one I like more, love them all! *O*

Comment by amaralzex

on 2018-09-22T02:31:14-05:00

So… no armor sets for china

Comment by Shakiz

on 2018-09-22T02:34:08-05:00

I just think they don’t look so good on humans. Maybe they’d be fitting a troll more, Zandalari or Darkspear.

Comment by BarelyLegalBear

on 2018-09-22T02:34:46-05:00

Uhhhh, HELLO? Can us mail users get some love? It’s seriously ridiculous how bad our set looks compared to the others.

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