Patch 8.2 Content Preview Roundup


Here’s the final content roundup featuring Judgehype’s boss order for Azshara’s Eternal Palace and Operation: Mechagon as well as WoWChakra’s interesting bit about Queen Azshara.

This is pretty much the last Patch 8.2 content preview from fan sites that attended the press event. You can find links to the remaining content previews in the official hub and below:


The website posted some details about the encounters within Azshara’s Eternal Raid and Operation: Mechagon. You can read the full article in French here.

  • Nazjatar will have a hub that will progressively evolve with the story.
  • The zone is going to feature heavy Naga & Elven lore.
  • Nazjatar will have an emissary and offer lucrative rewards.
  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace consists of 8 bosses:

    • 1. Naga Centaur
    • 2. Rage of Azshara
    • 3. Underwater Monstrosity
    • 4. Lady Priscilla Ashvane
    • 5. The Hatchery (comprised of 5 mini-bosses like Zoatroid, Empowered Brute, etc.)
    • 6. Naga Council (Siivas the Zealows, Pashman the Fanatical)
    • 7. Herald of N’Zoth
    • 8. Queen Azshara
  • Operation: Mechagon boss order is as follows:

    • 1. King Gobbamak
    • 2. Gunker
    • 3. Trixie & Naemo
    • 4. H K-8 Aerial Oppression Unit
    • 5. Tussie Tonks
    • 6. KU-JO (mechadog)
    • 7. Machinist’s Keep
    • 8. King Mechagon
  • Pathfinder, Part Two requires Revered reputation standing with Rustbolt Resistance (Mechagon), Ankoan (Nazjatar) & Unshackled (Nazjatar).


Method’s Justwait was invited to the event and here’s what we found out:

  • Mechagon’s resource gathering system to unlock various things on the islands makes the world feel alive and gives you small goals to work on alone or with friends.
  • The unique crafting system allows you to craft interesting items like grenades and mounts.
  • The new Heart of Azeroth system and Heart Forge is very similar to the Glyph system, where you had one Major slot and two Minor slots.
  • You won’t be able to use the same Minor Essences. They need to be different.
  • The Dazar’alor difficulty curve was too steep between Jaina and Stormwall Blockade, because bosses before here were undertuned.

You can check out the source article here.


Spanish site WoWChakra also attended the press tour and you can read the source article in Spanish here.

  • Nazjatar is about 3/4 the size of Argus.
  • Our arrival in Nazjatar is not coincidental, Sylvanas follows Xal’atath’s orders.
  • Azshara is not a servant of the Old Gods and doesn’t think she needs N’Zoth’s help to fight us.

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