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Today, we’re looking at three leaks related to Patch 9.0 and beyond, namely Shadowlands, Age of Darkness, and a “Developer AMA” leak.

Disclaimer: None of the leaks have been officially confirmed and it is more than likely that they are fake. We’re bringing them up to elicit discussion, because some of the concepts look interesting. Most of the leaks stem from 4chan and reddit. All three mention the addition of the Tinker class.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Leak

This is probably the most plausible leak out of the bunch. It was posted on reddit recently with a map and logo of what should be the next expansion after Battle for Azeroth. The image seems to have been taken during some sort of presentation or dev meeting.

Main Highlights

Two new continents: Dragon Isles & Shadowlands

New Class: Tinker – Tank/Healer/DPS specs.  DPS comes with turrets, bombs, and “ghostbuster” gimmicks.

Tinker wears Mail armor and the primary stat is Intellect.

From a system perspective, they’re planning to add something called Vestiges of Power, a secondary talent system similar to Essences.

The leak mentions that the planned level squish will be postponed and there will be no world rewamp.

New scaling tech will do away with frequent item level & stat squishing.

Raid sets are not returning, but there will be class-specific challenge sets.

We’ll reunite with the fallen spirits of Cairne, Saurfang, Varian, Vol’jin, Uther, and certain villains in a new “Champion system”.

Old Gods are not dead. They’re sleeping in Ny’alotha. N’Zoth has been redirecting souls to fuel the Old Gods’ ascension back into the world. The Black Empire will rise again.

Death’s Vanguard are the forces of death and are comprised of Elune, Helya, and others, who are working together to fight the Void incursion into the Shadowlands. Bolvar brings us there.

Sylvanas has been honoring a pact, waging war in Helya’s name. Elune’s night warrior transports the souls of its victims to the Shadowlands.

Bwonsamdi is working or Hakkar, the Soulflayer, who seeks power for himself, also by consuming souls.

The Void exploited the death of Argus to gain access to the Shadowlands. Xal’atath may have sold us out.

Ny’alotha is threatened by the advance of Death’s forces N’Zoth instigated the Battle for Azeroth to cause death and consume more souls.

Sylvanas propagated the war to usher souls toward Helya instead of Ny’alotha.

Darkfront (see map above) is the starting point in the Shadowlands. There are three minor factions: Night Elves, Death Knights, and Helya/Sylvanas.

Helya is kinder and prettier now.

The main goal is to prevent Ny’alotha from consuming the souls of the fallen. Huge rivers of souls run through each zone.

In Morbara, there will be all Blood Trolls that we killed in Nazmir. We help Bwonsamdi to overthrow Hakkar and reclaim his title as the Loa of Death.

Alnir Riftlands is a crucible for the primordial energies that comprise the fabric of all realities, with portals to each one. Everything is splling in nd out of rists. It’s the source of void incursions on Dragon Islens and the Emerald Dreams.

Xiros is a semi-peaceful zone, where spirits go to rest according to lore. Main city is a sanctuary, there’s a heavy presence of Ethereals.

The plan is to deliver 9 dungeons at launch, 5 in Shadowlands, and 4 on Dragon Isles.

Previously, Blizzard confirmed that Sylvanas would not end like Garrosh and this leak pretty much provides some backinfo pertaining to her actions. It’s strange that the level squish would be postponed, though.

Here is Zack discussing Pyromancer’s latest video about the Shadowlands leak.

4Chan Dev AMA Leak

The second leak also comes from 4chan and was posted MMO-Champion. Apparently, a person from the Art team conducted an AMA, but obviously, take everything with a grain of salt. Most of the stuff posted below is common sense.

Main Highlights

Azshara survives in 8.2 (was posted on July 5th).

Worgen Heritage Armor will be knight-like in Human form and it will have nightmarish features in Worgen form.

Goblin Heritage Armor is going to have a gold theme to it.

Vulpera and Mechagnomes will be added in Patch 8.3.

Patch 8.3 ends with the assault on Ny’alotha. Sylvanas makes herself the scapegoat to unite Horde and Alliance against the Old Gods. She absorbs the essence of N’Zoth and is killed and sent to the Shadowlands.

Azeroth, the Titan, appears at the end of the final raid to save us from crumbling Ny’alotha.

Ny’alotha is within the planet. A Titanic plain, where the Old Gods attempt to corrupt the Titan.

The leak mentions an untitled Black Empire expansion, all zones are supposed to be updated for 2020, some will be merged. Updated Quel’thalas looks awesome.

The team is much bigger than during Cataclysm, so updating the world should not take as long and progress is reportedly “very far”.

Housing, new achievements, mounts, and social features are coming to guilds. Guild Halls will be customizable.

Horde and Alliance are merging into one faction, no more crossroads.

Many Allied Races are becoming customization options for existing races, and more customization options are being added.

Vulpera and Nightborne will be the only races not to become customization options.

All Old Gods will be revived.

9.0 will have plenty of beta invites, they need more people for testing, beta will be available sooner as well.

One of the patches is going to rely on undeath, something will be going on in Northrend.

Titanforging is gone, but Warforging remains. There’s no new Artifact Power grind system.

The new expansion is going to have more dungeons available at start.

Gilneas and Silverpine Forest will be merged into one zone.

Expect to go to K’aresh in the next expansion.

Sylvanas supposedly dies, but we’ll meet her in the Shadowlands.

Night Elves will be making Dire Maul and Feralas their new home.

Desolate Council returns to lead the Forsaken. The race is going to have more customization options, including no bones protruding through armor.

The plan is to add the Tinker as the next Hero class available to Gnomes and Goblins. 

Classes will be less pruned in 9.0.

Leveling system in 9.0 will be more rewarding with a new talent system and unique class quests.

Expansion servers for Classic may be coming after Blizzard sees how popular Classic really is.

Bolvar was behind the stuff with Vol’jin.

There are plans to bring Azshara back as an ally.

They hope to learn from Classic about things to bring over to retail.

Pandaren Death Knights are under consideration, but no other combinations.

There are no plans to stop developing expansions so long as people buy them.

Subscriptions are here to stay.

There are no plans for Warcraft IV or a new movie right now.

World of Warcraft: Age of Darkness Leak

This leak’s from 4chan, but the thread was deleted and reposted on reddit. It’s most likely fake, but it’s worth noting that it has certain things in common with the Shadowlands, like the Tinker, a new Essence-like system. We also get some information about the ending of Battle for Azeroth. The following leak mentions Sylvanas ending up in chains, so it looks truly fake, but let’s look at its highlights regardless.

Main Highlights

Level cap squished to 50. New level cap is 60 (Vanilla 1-20, TBC / WoTLK / Cataclysm 20-30, MoP / WoD 30-40, Legion / BfA 40-50).

New Class: Tinker – Ranged DPS (Explosives) / Combat Medic (healing specializations).

Tinkers will be limited to Gnomes, Mechagnomes, Draenei, Goblins, Gilgoblins, and Forsaken.

Mechagnomes and Gilgoblins are supposedly coming in 8.3 or 8.3.5.

N’Zoth unleashes darkness over Azeroth as foreshadowed in the Nighthold encounter with Star Augur Etraeus. Starting point is the attack on the Thunder Bluff raid, where N’Zoth interrupts both factions in the final battle.

Kalimdor is his first goal as he strives to revive C’Thun in Silithus. To do this, he wants to destroy the Bronze Dragonflight and turn Nozdormu into Murozond, to alter the timeline where C’Thun doesn’t get defeated in Ahn’Qiraj.

The Bronze and Infinite Dragonflight will play a major role in the expansion.

Xal’atath is going to be the main antagonist of the Old Gods (chaotic neutral). She commands us to imprison Sylvanas instead of killing her.

A partial old world revamp is planned, which only unlocks after you finish the new expansion’s questline.

Un’Goro, Feralas, Desolance, and Mulgore will be new high level zones, Silithus will be an endgame zone akin to Suramar.

Easter Kingdoms will be revamed at a later point with something special planned for Gilneas, Tirisfan and the Plaguelands.

New features include an Essence-like system which unlocks at 50. Every class will get new skills and traits from 50-60, similar to the Glyph system we once had (5 sockets, 2 for passive traits, 2 for active skills, and 1 ultimate ability).

Talent system will be reworked to incorporate offensive and defensive talents per bracket at level 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50, allowing you to pick one offensive and defensive talent per bracket.

Coquest points will be account-wide, unlocked at level 60. You can spend them on different bonuses like more damage, higher movement speed.

Release date is planned for Q4 2020, but it may be delayed.

Battle for Azeroth Ending

Patch 8.2.5 will introduce new Heritage Armor and models.

It will deal with the aftermath of the events from The Eternal Palace.

The final 8.3 patch is set in Mulgore. It will be turned into a new max-level zone, similar to Mechagon with ongoing progress and weekly unlocks, culminating in the opening of the Thunder Bluff raid.

Sylvanas is the final boss of the raid, Nathanos aids her and gets killed. Sylvanas will be wounded and imprisoned by her sisters.

The plan is to release 8.3 this year, but it might not happen.

Mechagnomes and Gilgoblins will be the final pair of Allied Races coming in 8.3(.5).

Factions won’t merge or get removed, there will be some kind of neutrality and inter-factional group play with communication enabled between both factions.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The season of leaks has started and here are three interesting 9.0 concepts.

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