PEGLY Usb Charger Kit with Stand for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad 5-in-1 Bundle Gamepad With Cradle, Charger Screen Protector and Usb Charger 10 ft

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pegly usb charger kit with stand for Nintendo Wii u gamepad 5 in 1 bundle with include 10ft usb charging cable, set of charger stand and holder for Wii u gamepad, set of console holder for Wii u console and two pieces top quality screen protector.Pegly USB Charger Kit With Stand For Nintendo Wii U Gamepad 5 in 1 Bundle
One 10ft USB Charging Cable White
One Charger Stand and Holder For Wii U Gampad
One Cradle Holder For Wii U Gamepad
2 Pieces Top Quality Screen Protector


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