Peter Rabbit Build-A-Bear – Make Your Own Stuffed Peter Rabbit!

My Peter Rabbit Build-A-Bear experience was courtesy of Sony Pictures.

After screening the Peter Rabbit movie (in theaters February 9), I wanted nothing more than to snuggle that mischievous bunny and take him home with me. Guess what? Build-A-Bear has a special movie edition Peter Rabbit you and your little ones can fluff, stuff and love!

Peter Rabbit Build-A-Bear

Peter Rabbit Build a Bear

When you go to Build-A-Bear, you choose and help create a stuffed animal from start to finish. First you pick out an unstuffed friend, and then you can choose sounds and scents if you’d like. Peter Rabbit has a special soundbox!

unstuffed Peter Rabbit at Build a Bear

Next you take your animal to the stuff and fluff area where you push a foot pedal controlling the amount of fluff inside your animal. You’ll have the option of making it as squishy or firm as you’d like.

stuffing animals at Build a Bear

Then you’ll choose a heart and go through a special heart ceremony before the heart is placed inside the animal and it’s sewn shut.

sewing heart inside at Build a Bear

Then you can choose clothing and/or accessories! Peter Rabbit has two outfits: the classic blue jacket and an adorable set of pajamas. Oh, and these Peter Rabbit outfits will fit on other Build-A-Bear animals too!

Peter Rabbit clothing at Build a Bear

I had to go with the classic blue jacket for my little mischief maker… but it wasn’t an easy decision, believe me.

Peter Rabbit classic blue jacket at Build a Bear

Next, you create a birth certificate and your new best friend is ready to head home with you.

group shot of Peter Rabbits Build a Bear

I just hope I can keep Peter Rabbit out of my garden and out of trouble… but then he wouldn’t be Peter Rabbit, would he?

Peter Rabbit pajamas Build a Bear

Bring the magic of the new Peter Rabbit movie and Beatrix Potter’s classic tale to life by making your own Peter Rabbit stuffed friend. You can visit your nearest Build-A-Bear store to create one or you can order one online and surprise someone!

Peter Rabbit Build-a-Bear

Peter Rabbie movie

See Peter Rabbit in theaters beginning February 9th!


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