Petopia: Suggestions for Matching Mounts and Pets, More Feathermane Tames

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On the Petopia search page there are new filters for matching mounts and battle pets. Clicking on any of the search results shows a page listing all the hunter tames of a certain appearance, as well as images of matching mounts and pets. The hunter tames include Wowhead links, while the mount pages go to Warcraft Mounts and the battle pet pages to WarcraftPets, which also include links back to Wowhead if you need the comments, guides, or models.

Many of our mount screenshots include cute matching battle pets, so we hope these filters inspire more pictures! Here are some examples of cute matching pets:

The Petopia community continues to find hunter tames, and the latest one is Skystormer – a blue hippogryph. Players that have unlocked the ability to tame Feathermanes will be able to summon this beast by emoting /roar and /pet on nearby Frayfeather Stagwing. They also recently discovered that emoting /roar and /pet on Frayfeather Hippogryph will make this purple hippogryph, usually friendly to the Alliance, hostile and tameable.

When players complete Breaching the Tomb, the Hunter Class Mount quest, and Power Ascended on Titanstrike, they can purchase the Tome of the Hybrid Beast to tame all sorts of feathered beasts – on any Hunter spec.

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