Pink Claps Back At Trolls Who Criticized Her And Husband Carey Hart’s Parenting Skills

Pink and Carey Hart aren’t your average couple, so it’s no surprise they aren’t raising their kids the old-fashioned way. Combine their laid-back, alternative lifestyle with the fact that they’re in the public eye, and it’ll be no surprise to you that the parenting police of the internet have a lot to say about how they handle their kids.

Carey has been known to dish it out to their many trolls, but Pink is often too busy being a rock star to comment or care. And when the parenting police tried to come at the couple for spending the day on dirt bikes with their brood, Carey took the reins and reminded people that he is a professional. However, Pink’s clapback definitely took the cake! She followed up with an adorable picture of baby Jameson with chocolate all over his face and a caption that throws a big middle finger up to anyone trying to tell them how to live.

Pink and husband Carey Hart are seriously adorable together.

The couple has two kids: Willow, 7, and Jameson, who is almost 2.

With two super-cool parents, it’s no surprise that Willow and Jameson are living life a little differently than your average kids.

It seems that every time Pink or Carey post pictures of an outing with their kids, someone tells them that they’re parenting the wrong way.

The Harts fully believe in letting their kids have a little hands-on fun, and they don’t care what anyone has to say about it.

When Jameson came down with hand, foot, and mouth disease while the family was on tour, many people expressed that Carey shouldn’t have taken him out in public while contagious.

Of course, little Jameson was no longer contagious at the time, but the know-it-alls of the internet had to say their piece (of course).

Recently, the family spent the day racing dirt bikes together.

Judging by the pictures, the family of four had a blast getting down and dirty.

As usual, the trolls had something to say. Pink and Carey’s fans are aware of their ongoing battles with the internet’s parenting police and were quick to applaud them for being hands-on parents, instead of criticizing their parenting.

Pink took her turn at sticking it to those critical of her parenting when she posted this sweet photo of Jameson covered in chocolate. The caption reads, “Chocolate is good for babies right? Help me Instagram, we can’t possibly parent without you.”

Fans were quick to point out that parenting looks different for everyone, and people shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

It’s important for people to remember that no matter how famous a person is, we’re not entitled into glimpses of their lives. When they do share something, being critical doesn’t exactly encourage them to keep sharing.

Pink and Carey are going to continue to raise their kids how they see fit. If you don’t like it, look away.

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