Pixar and VR: Developers discuss the future of games at the Gaming Insiders Summit

Original: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2055593/pixar-and-vr-developers-discuss-the-future-of-games-at-the-gaming-insiders-summit.html#tk.rss_gameon

Like a good episode of The Wonder Years, growing up gracefully was an overarching theme of the first annual Gaming Insiders Summit in San Francisco. While the Gaming Insiders organization has been hosting private dinners and other events for four years, this is the first time they’ve invited members (as well as media riffraff) to a day-long conference to discuss the future of the games industry..

The day was devoted to presentations from noteworthy members of the industry, including Ken Levine, John Riccietello and Jenova Chen. The lion’s share of the discussion was about metrics and marketing, but beneath the biz-speak there was a common theme running through the talks: games have to grow up if they hope to thrive.

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