Pokemon Go: Legendary Pokemon Raikou To Be Available Again Through New Field Research

A new month is just around the corner, which means a new batch of Field Research quests will soon be available in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic has shared the first details about the upcoming set of challenges on Twitter, including which Pokemon awaits those who manage to complete enough of them.

According to Niantic, August’s batch of Field Research tasks will revolve primarily around Electric-type Pokemon. As usual, the first task you complete each day will reward you with a stamp; if you collect seven of them, you’ll achieve a Research Breakthrough and unlock additional rewards, including an encounter with a rare Pokemon.

The reward for achieving a Research Breakthrough this time will be another encounter with Raikou, one of the three Legendary dogs originally from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Raikou was previously available in Pokemon Go last fall as a Raid Battle, but this gives players another opportunity to capture one without having to team up with other Trainers and travel to a Gym.

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Field Research tasks are distributed at PokeStops. They’re one of two types of quests introduced to the game earlier this year, along with Special Research. The latter are more story-driven challenges assigned by Professor Willow, with the reward being an encounter with a Mythical Pokemon. The first set of Special Research led to Mew, while an upcoming questline will give players the chance to find Celebi.

In addition to Raikou, Pokemon Go players can encounter another Legendary in the game right now. The powerful Steel-type Registeel is appearing in Raid Battles from now until August 21, when it will be replaced by Regirock. Before then, Niantic will host the next Pokemon Go Community Day on August 11 and 12, with Eevee starring as the next featured Pokemon.

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