Police Couple Seek Kidney For 1-Year-Old Son

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James and Nicola Davies have spent their lives serving others on the Thames Valley Police force in the U.K.

The couple have five children together, and their youngest son Ethan is in desperate need of a kidney.

Ethan is one year old, but hasn’t been able to spend much time exploring the new world around him, as he had to spend the first seven months of his life in the hospital. Since then, Ethan has been able to come home, but only to spend most of his time hooked up to a dialysis machine.

Ethan’s condition was revealed in a prenatal scan, where a blockage in his bowels led to an enlargement of his bladder, and in turn, damaged his kidneys beyond repair. The dialysis has done its job to keep Ethan alive this long, but his parents are seeking a more permanent solution, which involves finding Ethan his own working kidney.

James explains, “This is a massive step, but Ethan’s survival long term depends on getting this right – dialysis is not a lifetime solution for him.”

Mom Nicola admits, “It is completely against my nature to ask for help, but I’m sure you understand it is what I have to do for my baby boy.”

In order to find Ethan a kidney, the couple launched a Facebook page dedicated to Ethan’s cause called, Ethan’s Journey (to a kidney transplant). Thankfully, the couple has received a lot of interest, but haven’t been able to find a match yet.

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Photo: SWNS / Laura Elvin

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