Potty Training In 3 Days – Ultimate Potty Training for Boys. Complete Kit Includes Potty Training In 3 Days Audio Guide, Laminated Potty Training Charts & Blue Potty Time Watch (Blue)

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Here’s what you’ll learn in Potty training Made Simple

– What signs show your child is ready to start potty training
– Exactly what day to start potty training
– What to do on the very first day (this may shock you)
– How to handle problem children who refuse to cooperate
– How to mentally prepare yourself
– How to get dads involved
– What certain words you should use that get your child to listen
– How to prevent accidents
– What to do at nap times
– When you are trying too hard?
– How to make the tough times less stressful
– How to make sure your child will cooperate
– Little tricks that make it fun for your child
– What rewards work best
– How to potty train for number 2
– Why number two is easier than number one
– The truth about early potty training and should you do it
– Training pants or diapers (wait till you hear this one)
– Standing up or sitting down and why (the answer will shock you. don’t laugh too hard)
– Boys vs. Girls.  What’s the difference.

See what a few of my parents have said.

Wow! 3 days and my 2½ year old boy is going on the potty without me telling him and staying dry throughout the night! Thank you. – Sincerely, Tara

She now tells us when she has to go….or she even takes it upon her self to go by herself.. 🙂 (although I will continue to give her attention as not to “regress”) – Very satisfied customer, Teresa Olivo

Our daughter just turned 3 last month, and we have tried every positive method to training that we could think of. Since day TWO, she has been dry all day long, even during naps. Thank you again for such a simple, yet effective approach to potty training!  – Debra Coomer

(results may vary)Get the best selling Potty Training guide for busy parents. Comes on audio cd. Listen on your computer, in the house or in the car.
Potty Time Watch trains your child to go on their own and tell you when they have to go
Laminated potty training charts with stickers gets your child involved and makes potty training fun for them
Potty training certificate gives your child a reward for achieving success.