Powerlevel Pets with Squirt on NA Realms for May 19th

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Squirt is now up in the Garrison on NA realms for May 19th! This is an amazing day to powerlevel pets during the Pet Battle Bonus Event due to Sign of the Critter. With Squirt up, you can repeatedly farm this Menagerie battle with one main pet and two “carry” pets that need experience.

For tips on how to beat Squirt, check out the Squirt Pet Battle Leveling Guide and the comments on the Squirt NPC page. While there are ideal pet setups, you may not have the perfect set of pets and the comments are a great way to find alternate setups.

Not sure which pets to level? Check out Notable Battle Pets by Family and Pets with Unique Ability and Family Combinations. You can view and filter your pet collection via Wowhead’s Profiler.

To unlock the Menagerie, you’ll need a Level 3 Garrison and completion of Pets Versus Pests. The Menagerie has a variety of pet battles and rewards, which are covered in our Garrison Building Guide.

Just getting started with Pet Battling in WoW? Check out these guides: Getting Started with Pet Battles and Legion Pet Battling Primer.

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