PowerTRC Whack A Mole Arcade Colorful Learning Game Set with Score Keeper for Kids

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It’s the classic game of Whack-A-Mole that every kid loved to play at the arcade. Now kids can have that same fun experience at the comfort at home, without having to waste quarters on the arcade machine. This Whack-A-Mole arcade game comes with plenty of features. It has 2 different type of languages “English” and “Spanish” counting mode, so kids can learn the two languages while playing. The arcade game also built-in sound controls and a red L.E.D light which indicates the amount of lives you have left. Whack the most mole and see who can reach the highest level and keep track using the built-in score board. It’s the nostalgic game that can improve on kids hand eye coordinationIMPROVES HAND EYE COORDINATION – Kids need to react fast enough to whack the moles that light up
BUILT-IN MUSIC AND SOUND – Arcade game has built-in music and also 2 languages count mode “English” and “Spanish” to choose from, so kids can be bilingual
DIFFERENT SPEED LEVELS – There are 36 levels and 4 speeds, so be very careful because the higher the level, the faster the game will get
SCOREBOARD COUNTER – Whack the most mole and keep track of the score with the built-in scoreboard
MUSIC CONTROLS – Don’t want to hear the music or want it on mute? You can simply switch the music control to your liking on the side