Prankster Siblings Tell Dad They’ll Microwave The Thanksgiving Turkey

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Frankie and Stephanie love playing pranks on their dad, Frank. So, when they heard about a popular new prank sweeping the internet — in which kids tell their parents they’re cooking the Thanksgiving turkey in a microwave — the siblings decided to try it out on their dear ‘ol dad.

Frank was really excited about deep-frying the turkey this year. That was the original plan, and it was going to be delicious.

Frankie walked into the house and he was on the phone to Stephanie. “Dad, I’ve seen it on the internet,” Stephanie told her dad. “We’re going to put seasoning on it and microwave it.”

were going to change the plans and he got so mad. “He was going crazy so I quickly started recording him.”

The change of plans sent Frankie’s blood pressure soaring… it’s no wonder he’s described as a loud and rowdy guy!

Frankie shared his dad’s reaction online to see if people liked it and was shocked when it racked up over 2.5 million views.

See the results of this epic prank below.

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