Predict the 2018 Academy Award Winners

Metacritic’s 9th Annual Oscar Prediction Poll


It’s once again time to show off your movie awards savvy by predicting the winners of the 90th Annual Academy Awards.

Last year, our users correctly predicted two-thirds of the 24 categories. While that was down from a 75% success rate in 2016, it matched the performance of the so-called “experts” (i.e., professional film writers and awards pundits), who also correctly picked only 16 of the 24 races last year.

Which group will prevail this year? Do your part by entering your Oscar picks below. (If you need to refresh your memory, here is a guide to this year’s Oscar nominations.) We’ll unveil your consensus picks (as well as those of the experts) in the week prior to the March 4th Oscar broadcast, and we’ll reveal how everyone did right after the ceremony.

Some rules and notes: You may vote only once. Voting will close at noon PST on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.


If the poll does not appear above, please go here to enter your picks.


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