Pregnant Mom With 12 Kids Admits ‘The Chaos Is Taking Over’

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Michelle and Rod always knew they wanted a large family — and over the course of their 29-year marriage, that’s exactly what they got.

The couple currently has 12 children ranging in age from 6 to 28. Eight of their kids live with them in their four-bedroom house.

Michelle says her super-sized family spends upward of $1,800 in groceries every month, which is equivalent to their house payments!

Oh, and there’s one more thing: Michelle is also pregnant with their 13th child.

Though there is never a dull moment, the exhausted mom says fatigue, clutter, and financial troubles have started controlling their lives. She’s admittedly struggling to keep up, and it seems as though the inside of her home is a reflection of that reality.

“The chaos is taking over,” she says.

Michelle started her own YouTube channel, hoping it would be an outlet for her and a helpful resource for other moms to gain support and encouragement.

However, the other members of her family have their own opinions about the channel. And in this clip, the family shares their story with Dr. Phil.

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