Pregnant Sisters Give Birth At The Same Time

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If you are very close with your siblings, you know that shared experiences had a huge hand in bringing you together. But sisters Synell and Alexis Nelson couldn’t imagine being any closer — until now.

The two women were born 15 months apart, and are always together. But now, they have another reason why their bond is stronger than ever: they recently gave birth to their sons.

Synell and Alexis found out that they were pregnant at the same time. They loved sharing the experience, though they had different due dates days apart.

“She called me and told me she was pregnant first,” said, Synell. “Like it’s amazing. It’s just cool to me.”

Little did they know that they wouldn’t just give birth on the same day, but just over an hour apart — and in the same hospital, too! They deliver healthy baby boys, Jordan Liggins and Wylie Nelson, just doors apart from one another. And the same doctor brought them into the world.

What are the chances of this happening?

The women hope that their sons will grow to be close as they are.

“Hopefully they’re together and they like being together and they’re not fighting all the time,” said Alexis.

Nope of this was planned, but the sisters are glad they get to raise their boys and face challenges as one.

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Footage provided by WTMJ Milwaukee

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