Pregnant Teacher Says She Was Fired Because She’s Not Married

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For the past four years, Naiad Reich had been teaching english and creative writing at a high school in Pennsylvania. This past year, she told the school administrators that she and her longtime boyfriend were expecting a baby.

Naiad, 31, was called into the office at the end of the week. She was shocked to learn she was being fired.

You see, Naiad was teaching at a Catholic high school — and while her pregnancy was planned, she and her boyfriend have no immediate plans to get married. The diocese’s website lists “immorality” as a cause for termination and Naiad says her status as an unmarried pregnant woman was the reason she was fired. She was basically given an ultimatum: either plan to get married or lose her beloved job.

Naiad wanted to get married on her own terms.

Not only does the former teacher desperately miss her students, but she also feels hurt and victimized by the decision. “I feel like I’m a rewriting of ‘The Scarlet Letter’ at this point, just minus the affair,” she told WNEP.

Naiad’s circumstances have created a heated debate since she went public with her story. Hear her side of it below.

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