Pregnant Teen Tries To Forget Baby She Placed For Adoption

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Lora was 19 years old and single when she gave birth and placed her baby boy named Wayne up for adoption. It was 1954 in Montreal, a time when many women were forced to give up their babies; sex and birth control were taboo.

But it wasn’t long before Lorna got pregnant again, this time with a girl named Janet. Since she was still unwed, she placed Janet up for adoption, too.

The experience of giving birth twice and saying goodbye to both her babies was traumatic. Lorna tried her hardest to put it in the back of her mind and move on with her life. She eventually got married and told her husband about her difficult past. Then, she changed her name and swore her husband to secrecy.

Meanwhile, a little girl named Jo-Ann was growing up with her adoptive parents. They moved from Canada to the United States and then settled in Denmark. It wasn’t until Jo-Ann became a mom herself that she set out on her journey to find her birth mother. However, this was before the days of social media and DNA testing so the mystery was nearly impossible to solve.

Jo-Ann spent 26 years trying to find her biological mom. One day, she was sent a photo of Wayne — her supposed brother and the first baby Lorna placed for adoption.

Jo-Ann just knew that Lorna was her birth mom… but while Lorna clearly remembered placing Wayne and Janet for adoption, she said she didn’t know anything about Jo-Ann.

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