Pregnant Woman Does The Baby Mama Dance In The Middle Of Labor

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In 2013, YouTube personality Starrkeisha turned the Baby Mama Dance challenge into an internet sensation.

It has since inspired countless pregnant women from all over the world to share their own versions of the dance — and many women say it even helped induce labor.

Celina and Victor, a young couple from Martinez, California, decided to partake in the Baby Mama Dance, too. But what makes their version so special is the fact that Celina was deep into labor at the time, preparing to give birth in her hospital room at any moment.

Dancing for Birth, a pregnancy dance program, says:

“Women who dance regularly during pregnancy can expect to have shorter labors and less need for interventions, such as cesareans. … Moderate exercise increases placental blood flow and oxygen to baby. Women who practice maintaining a mind-body-spirit connection during pregnancy, have an easier time tuning into their bodies needs during labor. This is one exercise that truly celebrates all shapes of the female form! Positive body image, and feeling sexy in your pregnant form, never hurt no one!”

Celina danced her way though very real and very painful labor contractions! As you’ll see, there were moments when she needed to sit down and take a breather — while her husband, Victor, continued busting out the moves.

It’s no surprise that baby Kamila was born just a few hours later.

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