Premium Quality Clear Corner Protectors – High Resistance Adhesive Gel Corner Caps – Table, Furniture, and Sharp Corner Baby Proofing Corner Bumpers Safety Kit – 20 Pack

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Welcome to the Kids Corner

Life is busy enough as it is, but with a toddler or children on patrol, constant supervision can be challenging. From the moment they start crawling with curiosity, safety becomes your top priority. That’s why we manufacture our best-selling baby corner guards with three times more hold and cushion than others available on the market. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Discover why our childproof corners are of superior quality for yourself!

Using the right corner protector for kids in your home will be one of the most important steps you take to create a safe space for children. Child proofing your home with TeeJayz Baby Safety Corner Protectors will give you the peace of mind you desire while your little loved ones are roaming around.

Advanced Safety Technology

Featuring a simple and easy to install safety system, these furniture corner protectors install in minutes. The extra strength adhesive is strong enough to stay put without leaving any marks or damaging your furniture when you want to remove them. Our user-friendly and quick installation guide makes you home safe from sharp corners in minutes.

The Toughest Safety Corner Guards

This 20 pack of baby proofing corner protectors were made using the highest quality materials available. That’s what makes them great for protecting furniture while moving or even great housewarming gifts. Hey, when it comes to gifts that keep giving, something practical and useful is always best. Buy a pack for you and one for everyone you know who could benefit from child safety corner guards in their home!

Add To Cart Now to Stay Safe with these Clear Corner Bumpers!Prevent Child Head Injuries – Don’t cut corners when it comes to child safety! Use these baby proofing corner guards to reduce the risk of accidents caused by wandering curiosity or unforeseen tumbles. The flexible bullnose ball shape allows for safe child play around the house so you can relax a little!
Simple and Easy to Install – The strong adhesive stickers found on these heavy duty corner protectors is easy to install in minutes. Adhesive is strong enough to stay on but gentle enough to come off without damaging your furniture. Finally, removable corner protectors you can count on!
They Won’t Cramp Your Style – These clear transparent corner protectors lend a finishing touch of safety so clean, you won’t even notice they are there! Blending in seamlessly with your furniture, these rounded corner protectors put baby safety first while making themselves at home in your living room.
Safety is Priceless – When it comes to toddler safety, you need a company who understands the principles behind the concept of quality over quantity. That’s why TeeJayz safety corner covers arrive factory tested and manufactured using only the highest quality materials available. We believe that’s the peace of mind you deserve in your own home.
Avoid Moving Violations – Pun intended. This corner guard set can be used alternatively for moving furniture and appliances without damaging your valuables or putting marks in the walls. Protect your furniture and walls using these corner protectors for moving. No moving kit is complete without them!


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