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iPod Touch 2019 – Price, release date and features

Before the iPhone took over the world, it was the iPod that defined Apple, and the iPod Touch would eventually bridge the gap between the two devices in thrilling fashion. 

We haven’t had a new iPod Touch in approaching four years now, but recent rumours suggest that’s all about to change. So what does Apple have in store for us with the iPod Touch 2019? Here’s everything we know so far.

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iPod Touch 2019 release date – When is the iPod Touch 2019 out?

Here’s when previous iPod Touch devices have been announced:

The first four iPod Touch models launched like clockwork, year on year, in September. That changed in 2011 when no new model hit the market at all, as smartphones came to dominate the market.

Apple would refresh its iPod Touch range the following year, but slightly later on in the year, in October. There would be an even longer three-year gap to the sixth and latest generation of iPod Touch, with a July 2015 launch.

Essentially, Apple used to coincide its iPod Touch announcements with those of the latest iPhone − right up until 2015 when it simply rolled out a bunch of iPod updates a couple of months ahead of its big iPhone event.

While Apple could choose any date to announce a new iPod Touch, we do at least have a fair idea that one is coming in 2019. Recently, programmer Steven Troughton-Smith found references to a new iPod model in the code for iOS 12.2 − a new iteration of Apple’s 2018/2019 mobile OS.

In it, the new device was listed as the iPod 9,1. The current sixth generation model is known as the iPod 7,1.

This follows on from a Macotakara report that made similar, if somewhat vague, claims based on supply chain sources.

iPod Touch 2019 price – How much will the iPod Touch 2019 cost?

It might surprise you to learn this, but you can still buy an iPod Touch 6th generation direct from Apple. It’ll cost you £199 for the 32GB model and £299 for the 128GB model, which makes it the cheapest iOS 12 device on the market by a considerable margin.

We’d be very surprised if Apple didn’t stick with a similar pricing approach when it launches the iPod Touch 2019. After all, the only purpose a new iPod Touch would have in 2019 would be as an affordable alternative to Apple’s iPhone and iPad ranges.

With the iPad 2018 currently retailing for £319, the new iPod Touch would need to come in significantly cheaper if it’s to find its niche.

iPad Touch 6th gen

iPod Touch 2019 – Specs and leaks

We haven’t heard a huge amount about the iPod Touch 2019’s prospective specs. There are a few solid details to note, however.

The aforementioned iOS 12.2 listing would seem to suggest that the new iPod Touch won’t come with any biometric authentication. That means no Face ID and no Touch ID. This would seem to support the idea that this is going to be a bare bones entry point to iOS.

As humble as it’s likely to be, we can assume that the iPod Touch 2019 will represent a progression from the current iPod Touch 6th generation. That packs a 4-inch Retina display, an A8 CPU, and an 8-megapixel camera. Essentially, it’s an iPhone 5S with a faster processor and no mobile network connection.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s February research note (via 9to5Mac) detailing what he believes to be the company’s plans for 2019, the iPod Touch with feature an upgraded processor.

There are some suggestions that the forthcoming iPad Mini 2019 will be a super-cheap tablet with a decidedly outdated A9 CPU. Might the iPod Touch 2019 fall in line with this modestly bumped cheap and cheerful spec?

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