Proudmoore Cadets Playing D&D in Boralus

These cadets are hidden away in a cellar accessed through an overgrown part of the Boralus hedge maze. Above them, their teachers look for their students, puzzled by their disappearance.

The Hedge Maze

The Basement

Here are all the possible dialogue options:

I’ve told you before, bard isn’t a class!
No, the tree is not vulnerable to fire attacks
Stop antagonizing the quest giver!
Can the guard see me looting this body?
I…uhhh…well, misplaced it. Could I get another copy, please?
It would be easier to heal you if you didn’t stand in the fire all the time.
I loot the candle.
Don’t spill your ale on my character sheet!
Thank you. I promise I will deliver it this time!
I cast Frostbolt into the darkness!

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