PS3/PS4 to Xbox One Controller Adapter

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Don’t sell or throw away those controllers! Now you can use your existing PS3 and PS4 controllers to play your favorite Xbox One and PC games!! Introducing the Xbox One to PS3/PS4 Controller Adapter from Brook. Do you yearn to play Xbox One games with your PS4 Dual Shock 4 Controller? Now you can! This incredibly powerful gaming adapter allows you to keep your favorite controllers in your arsenal. This amazing product is compatible with your gamepad, steering wheel, dance mat and joystick. It also allows you to customize the button layout for original and 3rd party controllers. Easily customize your controller with 8 Shots Per Second Rapid Fire for an added gaming advantage. Fully customizable and made from long lasting eco-friendly material, the Xbox One to PS3/PS4 Controller Adapter will give you that extra edge you need while playing. At nearly half the cost of other comparable converters, the Brook Xbox One to PS3/PS4 Controller Adapter will unlock the full potential of your controller!vibration support
Full button compatibility
Usb interface which permits hot swapping
For Light do not Turn ON: Check; “Device and Printers” to see if the computer detects the converter as “HID Transfer”; If yes, that means the converter is in “update mode” which will not be able to work; If no, then the converter might be out of order.
Refer manufacturer contact details for technical support.


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