Psvita2000 L2/r2button Load Grip Cover Black

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***Best to play the remote play and PS archive of PS4!! *** – Utility model, design rights acquired! L / R button on the structure and shape of the utility model registered “utility model registration No. 3190901” By pressing the L2 / R2 buttons for the rear panel, rear panel compatible software and remote play in conjunction with the conductive rubber in the grip, a game such as PS archive, you can enjoy even more by the comfortable. Easily released to static electricity [conductive features of the rubber], soft and excellent adsorption effect of preventing dust, sled does not occur, you will rubber in which a current flows. ยท L2 / R2 buttons installed for the rear panel! Equipped with the L2 / R2 buttons to the back panel can indirectly touch is the best in the game, such as remote play and PS archive. – The have-friendliness (easy to grip while extending the index finger) to pursue, is the grip equipped with a genuine just like the L2 / R2 buttons subjected to texturing the surface processing. * In one of the embossed surface treatment, by applying the pattern and wrinkles on the surface, and less noticeable scratches and fingerprints.Best to play the remote play and PS archive of PS4!!


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