Pulling a Pick 6 on Fussy Eaters.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hebrew National. The opinions and text are all mine.

Call them what you’d like – fussy, picky, persnickety and if we’re being nice – particular eaters. I’ll be honest, my kids have their moments. They’ll go a few weeks in a row, never complaining about anything – willing to try EVERYTHING without having to bribe, beg or threaten to clean their rooms or take away video games.

Brussel sprouts? No problem. Hummus? They’re offering to use it as toothpaste. Seaweed snacks? They’re on their way to putting the ocean out of business.

We get it–it’s not the norm; it’s taken us YEARS of diligence and repetition. But there are also stretches in which I don’t understand them at all. They want nothing but pizza, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and pasta. Everything else is the ‘worst thing they’ve ever seen.’ And my kids aren’t the only ones. Most of our friends that are parents experience the same struggle–many of them even worse. However, as parents we all choose our battles and my wife and I are determined to not let them beat us at THIS game.

So when it came time to plan our son’s 6th birthday party this month, I volunteered to handle the menu. With 24 kids on the field playing offense, it was time to put up some strong D. With pockets of pint-sized wildlings still dripping wet from the pool while decorating emoji cupcakes – without them even knowing, the ball was soaring through the air. I erupted through the line (neighborhood clubhouse doors) and intercepted the pass..

…sliding trays full of Hebrew National hot dogs into the mix. The comforting aroma of 100% kosher beef steaming from the grilled buns – it took center stage amongst the platters of vegetables, watermelon, coleslaw and condiments. The opposition looked bewildered – I had read their play from the secondary, taken the ball from the air and ran it ALL THE WAY BACK for a score.

Not only did I feel good that I beat these droves of picky eaters at their own game…

…I felt confident serving up premium quality hot dogs to kids and parents alike – including my son, the birthday boy.

One of the ways my wife and I get our kids to try new foods is to sneak something they don’t like OR think they won’t like into a food they LOVE. In this case – MUSTARD.

See that thin yellow line on that Hebrew National hot dog up there? That’s right–to my kid, it’s the enemy. “Mustard, blech. he says.”

Well, allow me to shout it from the mountaintops, I don’t know whether it was partially obstructed vision from those killer emoji shades he’s rockin’ or the natural high from the soda and cupcakes my wife let him have birthday party itself, but the young man scarfed down that dog without hesitation and asked for seconds before he even realized I had the ball and was diving into the end zone and spread something new onto one of his favorite foods. And just like that, my kid now proclaims mustard “it’s ok!”

So whether you’re facing uncertainty about having to feed the masses this summer OR you just happen to have one or two picky eaters of your own on your hands – fire up a handful of Hebrew National hot dogs and try them for yourself!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was a sponsored post on behalf of Hebrew National, however the fun was all ours! For more information on them, click HERE. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hebrew National. The opinions and text are all mine.






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