Puppy Chew Dog Toys Interactive and Chewing Animal Design Cotton Rope Toys With Puppy Pet Play Chew and Training Toy for Medium to Small Pet Teething by Cenme (Lion, Duck & Carrot)

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What can this toy bring to your pet? Provide your pet a healthy playtime, it can clean your pet’s Teeth, cleans pet’s Gums and increases Jaw Strength.

Are you worried about your pet when you are not home? Is it sad or lonely? All dogs like to chew. It relieves anxiety and give a happy life. You can also play with your pets together!

Cenme Products provide you a wide selection of unique designer products for your pets. All designed and made with love, although Cenme is small and young.

All dogs like to chew. It relieves anxiety but it also fulfills physiological needs such as exercising and developing the jaw, as well as teething for younger dogs and from your pets perspective it’s play time.

This 100% Cotton Non-toxic Animal and Food Rope Chew Toys for every times the pleasure.

Made of 100% purely cotton, non-toxic dyeing, solid knots and flexible weave that massage your pet’s gums, help clean teeth with every chew.

You can find the detail dimensions in the pictures. We will also provide you a free rope toy for your pets. It will be shipped in the same package.

Product Specifications

Material:100% Natural Cotton with Safe Dyeing.

Size, Color& Weight:

Bear: 5.9″(H)x3.9″(W), Pink, 3.7oz.

Rabbit: 5.9″(H)x2.3″(H), Pink, 3.4oz.

Lion : 8.7″(L)x3.4″(H), Ginger, 3oz.

Carrot: 4.7″(L)x1.6″(W), Carrot Orange, 1.9oz.

Elephant: 10.6″(L)x3.4″(H)x3.1″(W), Dark Grey, 4.9oz.

Duck: 5.7″(L)x4.3″(H), Yellow, 3.7oz.

Chicken Leg: 5.5″(L)x2.4″(H), White & Red, 3oz.

Giraffe: 8″(L)x5.5″(H), Yellow, 4.4oz.Made of 100% cotton, with non-toxic dyeing. Make sure they are 100% safe for your pets.
Different animal design for your choice, they are cute and lifelike. Great toy for your pets, pets will soon love their new toys.
The rope chew toy feature solid knots that helps clean dog’s teeth and improve dental health.
These toys can help strengthen bond between you and your dog, build self esteem and makes obedience training.
Refund guarantee :You can rest assured to buy, if you are not fully satisfied with our products, we will provide you a full refund.


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