Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Pate Collection Gourmet Wet Cat Food, (24) 3 oz. Cans, Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Florentine with Cheese & Garden Greens

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Celebrate your cat’s discerning taste when you serve Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Florentine Pate wet cat food. The culinary-inspired recipe includes real whitefish and tuna to give her the seafood flavor she craves, and cheese and garden greens deliver a complete taste sensation you can see in every serving. She’s sure to love the smooth texture of the pate, and the 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats helps to support her overall health and wellness. Each batch is crafted in U.S. facilities and quality tested for peace of mind. Show her how much you really care about her happiness by giving her the decadent flavor she loves, and feel good about serving her a meal that brings her satisfaction with every bite. Try our other Purina Fancy Feast Medleys flavor combinations, including White Meat Chicken Primavera Pate with Garden Veggies and Greens, to channel her inner food connoisseur.Twenty-Four (24) 3 Oz. Can – Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Whitefish & Tuna Florentine With Cheese & Garden Greens Adult Wet Cat Food
Real White Fish And Tuna Offer Delicious Flavor
Accents Of Garden Greens And Cheese Add An Artful Touch
Smooth Pate Texture To Please Her Palate
100% Complete And Balanced Nutrition For Adult Cats


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