Purina Mills Aquamax Pond Fish 4000, 32 Percent Protein, 3/16 Inch(4.8mm) Floating Pellet For Catfish, Tilapia, Large Koi and Goldfish, Carp, and Many Other Omnivorous Fish That Normally Populate Ponds 16 Ounces

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AquaMax® products are formulated to be high energy, nutrient dense diets. These highly-digestible diets enable fish to more efficiently utilize nutrients which in turn reduces fecal waste and biological load in water. A precision manufacturing process reduces the amount of fine feed dust material which helps maintain water quality by minimizing feed waste. Excessive feed fines in water can lodge in fish gills in some species and attract bacteria and fungus. By reducing these feed fines, AquaMax® fish diets provide an added health benefit to fish.Work well for Both Carnivorous & Omnivorous Species
32% Crude Protein, 3% Crude Fat, 5% Crude Fiber, 10% Ash, 1.25% Calcium, 0.65% Phosphorus, and 0.60% Sodium
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