Purina Mills Aquamax Pond Fish 4000 Extruded, 36% Protein, 6% Fat, 3/16″(4.8mm) Floating Pellet For Catfish, Tilapia, Koi, Large Goldfish, Carp, And Many Other Omnivorous Fish That Normally Populate Ponds, 4 lbs(1.8kg)

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A High Performance, Plant Protein Based Diet To Promote Maximum Growth In Moderate To High Density Tank And Pond Production Farming Of Tilapia & Other Omnivorous Fish.
36% Protein And 6% Fat, Problems Are Avoided Such As Excessive Fat Deposition In The Liver, Which Can Decrease The Health And Market Quality Of The Fish.
Extruded Pellets Have The Best Digestibility Of The 3 Pellet Manufacturing Techniques(Extruded, Expanded, Compressed/Steam), The Best Feed Conversion Rates, And Use Carbohydrates As Binders So “Nutritionally Blank” Ingredients Are Not Required To Bind The Pellet. Better Feed Conversions And Reduction In Total Biological Load In The Water Column Is The Result.
For Tilapia Weighing 50 Grams(1.75oz) To Harvest Size > For Catfish 4 Inches To 14.4 Inches > For Koi Greater Than 6 Inches. The General Rule For Choosing A Feed Size Is To Deliver The Largest Size That The Smallest Fish Will Eat.
4 Pounds Of Feed In A FDA Approved High-density polyethylene (HDPE) Bottle With A Large 63mm Cap Opening.