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Highlights of this week’s Alpha Build 26175 include Upright Orcs, new items, strings, creature models and Mag’har Orc Shaman totems.

Upright Orcs

Blizzard added a male Upright Orc model to the game. The following video is a courtesy of MMO-Champion.


Run Wild like a Man On Fire

Same Old Stormsong and Dance

Broadcast Text

“No. In time, dey will come to us.”
“We know they’re crooked, but without concrete proof we can’t bring them to justice.”
“They have steadily amassed power over the years since Daelin’s passing. Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs.”
“Ashvane controls our wealth. The Ashvane Trading Company holds almost all of the official state contracts for trade and manufacturing.”
“The Proudmoores run the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation.”
“Kul Tiras is made up of several major houses. Here in Boralus, the power is mainly split between Proudmoore and Ashvane.”
“Patch, now!”
“Beyond Tiragarde Sound are lands held by the Waycrest and Stormsong families.”
“To the west lies Drustvar, a mountainous region providing most of the kingdom’s ore and livestock.”
“In the north, the fertile lands of the Stormsong family are home to numerous farms and shipyards. All seaworthy Kul Tiran vessels are blessed by their ancient order of Tidesages who commune with the sea to guide our legendary fleet.”
“The Waycrest family used to be strong supporters of Proudmoore rule, but lately all we hear from the west are troubling rumors of blighted lands and bloody witch hunts.”
“Now unless the Alliance is suffering a crippling cabbage famine, I suspect you’re interested in the fleet. Bad news…”
“We have no idea where it is. The Tidesages have withdrawn into their monasteries, but seem unable – or unwilling – to guide the fleet home.”
“We won’t be much use in a war without their iron.”
“Katherine will never agree to join the Alliance as long as she trusts Lady Ashvane. Even if she did, we can hardly help you fight the Horde without iron and ships.”

Class Changes

A breakdown of the latest talent updates can be found here .

Creature Models

Blizzard added Zandalari cat models in this build, Mag’har Orc totems and a bunch of creature models as shown below.

Mag’har Orc Totems

Mag’har Orcs will have Shamans as a playable class.

NPC Models


Azerite War Machine Alliance Cannon

Azerite War Machine Horde

Azerite War Machine Horde Cannon

Blood Elemental

Gnome Azerite Extractor

Swamp Beast (Drustvar)

Global Strings

“AZERITE_POWER_GAIN_SHORT”,”%s|n+%s Azerite Power”
“AZERITE_XP_GAIN”,”%s gains %s Azerite Power.”
“COMMUNITIES_GUILD_FINDER_DESCRIPTION”,”A guild is a tight-knit group of players who want to enjoy the game together. By joining a guild, you’ll gain access to many benefits, including a shared guild bank and a guild chat channel.|n|nConsider forming a guild of your own if you have friends who also play World of Warcraft. To create a guild, talk to a Guild Master in a major city.”
“SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_365″,”Missing repair parts.”



Mummified Raptor Skull has been added to the game and we previewed the mount here.

Sharkbait’s Favorite Crackers – PH Giant Parrot (Red) renamed to Sharkbait.


Belt Enchant: Miniaturized Plasma Shield (Engineering)

Enchant Weapon – Deadly Navigation

Enchant Weapon – Masterful Navigation

Enchant Weapon – Quick Navigation

Enchant Weapon – Stalwart Navigation

Enchant Weapon – Versatile Navigation

Hooked Deep Sea Net (Tailoring)

Scroll of Unlocking (Inscription)

Sun-Bleached Linen Net (Tailoring)


Tome of Hex: Skeletal Hatchling

A full list of items added in Build 26175 can be found here.


“ZandalarAllianceIntroScenerio”,”Zandalar Alliance Intro Scenerio”
“LordaeronBlight”,”Lordaeron Blight”
“BlackrockDepthsDarkIron2″,”Blackrock Depths”
“Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro_freehold01″,”8.0 Islands – Cave – 8KUL_CaveMicro_freehold01”
“Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro01″,”8.0 Islands – Cave – 8KUL_CaveMicro01”
“Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro02″,”8.0 Islands – Cave – 8KUL_CaveMicro02”
“Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro03″,”8.0 Islands – Cave – 8KUL_CaveMicro03”
“1938”,”Islands_8RIV_CaveMicro_01″,”8.0 Islands – Cave – 8RIV_CaveMicro_01″
“Islands_8RIV_CaveMicro_02″,”8.0 Islands – Cave – 8RIV_CaveMicro_02”
“StormwindEmbassyVoldunStatic”,”Alliance Battleship –  Wind’s Redemption Voldun Static”

World Safe Locs

“Blackrock Depths – Dark Iron”

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