Quadriplegic Woman Raises Questions After Having Baby With IVF

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When Nicole Crawford got into a terrible car accident, it changed a lot of things about her life. But one thing the crash didn’t change was her desire to be a mom.

Express reports that Nicole broke her neck in the crash, leaving her unable to fully move below her neck, or quadriplegic. Despite limited mobility, Nicole remained determined to become a mom, and decided to go through IVF treatment in the hopes of having a baby. But now, some people are criticizing her for making that decision.

After five rounds of treatment, Nicole finally got pregnant. In November 2016, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Reagan.

Alongside being a quadriplegic, Nicole is also a single mother. Her mom, Sandra, took a year off of work to help with raising Reagan. Express reports that Nicole said, “My mum is now a full time grandmother and I wouldn’t be here without her, she does all of the feeding and washing, and the rest of the family help out when they can too… When Reagan cries it’s my motherly instinct to pick him up, and it is sometimes frustrating knowing that I can’t, but my family are always on hand to help and they always bring him to me.”

Nicole and Reagan are happy and loved in their family situation — but Nicole’s decision to have a baby all on her own after becoming quadriplegic has raised a few eyebrows. In the video below, the experts on The Doctors discuss the ethics behind her decision. Although Nicole has every right to become a mother, some wonder if the decision was fair for little Reagan.

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