Questing Through Drustvar in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha

Story spoilers in this post.

  • The Vanishing Lord

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any contacts within House Waycrest, so our efforts in Drustvar will have to start from the ground up. We have arranged for a gryphon to take you to Fallhaven – a farming village in eastern Drustvar. The mayor there, Cyril White, is a longtime friend of the Proudmoores, and I think he can help us get in touch with someone from the house. I hope you can get to the bottom of their absence, <name>. Their martial might is invaluable to the Kul Tiran fleet.

  • Signs and Portents

    <The bulletin that Mayor White was posting at the time he was struck by the spell indicates that there have been some strange happenings in the town lately. It is likely these events are connected to whatever cast this spell on the village. Perhaps there might be records from other villagers that could shed some light on the source of this magic.>

  • The Wayward Crone

    <The ledger indicates that an old woman named Helena Gentle recently took up residence in a house down the road from the town. The villagers’ writings point to her being involved somehow with a variety of maladies that struck the village recently. It’s possible that she may know what’s behind this spell, if it hasn’t afflicted her as well.>

  • Witch Hunt

    A curse on the villagers? Oh my, how dreadful! Although, to be honest, there have been some strange happenings around Fallhaven of late. I wonder if these could be culprit? Take a seat and have a spot of tea. I’ll tell you all that I know.

  • Cracking the Curse

    <In her haste, it looks like Helena left her spellbook behind. The pages of this book detail the ritual that she used to entrap the villagers of Fallhaven. It seems the effigy holding the spell in the village is protected by smaller ones surrounding the town. If these are destroyed, you may be able to affect the one holding the spell on the townsfolk.>

  • Furious Familiars

    <The wildlife in the foothills appear to be under Helena’s spell, and this villager appears to be one of their victims. They must be the cause of the recent disappearances from Fallhaven. Perhaps if their numbers were cut down, they would pose less of a threat to the townspeople.>

  • The Final Effigy

    <The effigy’s protection has been broken. All that remains is to break the effigy itself.>

  • The Waycrest Daughter

    You seek House Waycrest? Oh, your timing could not be worse! I had just received a raven regarding Lord Waycrest’s daughter, Lucille, shortly before this… curse came upon us. They apprehended her in Fletcher’s Hollow and are taking her to trial. They say she is a witch, herself! If she’s found guilty, she will surely hang! You must make haste to Hangman’s Point. With what you’ve seen here, maybe you can convince them of her innocence.

  • Standing Accused

    So you wish to speak with the accused? I see no reason why not. Be quick about it, though. I will not have our trial delayed. This woman will answer for the fate of our village!

    Accuse? And do you plan on cutting down these villagers to free me as well? No, if you wish to help, you’ll need to help me with the Marshal. While their accusations are misplaced, these are still my people, and I will not have them harmed to save me some discomfort. I will let them have their trial, and prove to the my innocence. However, I fear that the Marshal may take matters into his own hands, and I’m a bit tied up here. See if you can convince him to let this trial run its course.

  • The Woods Have EyesIn Case of Ambush

    The sooner I can return the lady Waycrest to Highroad Gate the better, but I will honor her wishes if we can assure her safety. There are dark things happening in these lands that you don’t fully understand. If we must dally, then there are measures that need be taken. First, the wildlife here can serve as eyes to dark powers. Kill them.

    There is more to worry about in these woods than simple beasts. Our enemy employs constructs of wicker and bone that can rip a man apart. Fortunately for us, these constructs are not very perceptive. Take these traps and set them up throughout the woods behind us. If our enemies do seek to ambush us here, at least these will slow their minions down.

  • Trial by Superstition

    Witchcraft has long lived in the superstitions of the people here. It is only recently that some of these superstitions have become reality. According to tradition, one who is tried for witchcraft is allowed to choose the means by which they are tested from among the requests of her peers. The villagers here no doubt have some strange beliefs of what witches can and cannot do. Speak with them, and see what we can do to prove my innocence.

    Well, my ma always told me that a witch could never cry, no matter how hurt or sad they got. Miss Waycrest didn’t cry one bit even after being told she would be put on trial. She must be a witch.

    I’ve heard that a witch’s flesh is impervious to flame. That’s why we hang them when they’re found guilty! If you want to convince me, put a torch to her.

    I… I’m not sure…There is a rumor that a witch could never sick up, since their belly is constantly emptied by the dark spirits living within her. Im not sure how you could prove that, though…

    Back in the old days we would weigh them down and throw them into the river! If they resurfaced, we’d know that they had made an unholy pact, and they’d get the noose! That’s the only way to absolve a witch in my eyes.

    I heard a story a while back that there was a witch who lived in the swamp, and the way the villagers found her out was because the blowflies there wouldn’t go hear her. They bit everyone else, but wouldn’t bite her. They say it was because a witch’s blood is so foul that not even a bloodily will touch it!

  • A Pungent SolutionOnce Bitten, Twice ShyHarmful If SwallowedQuill or Be Quilled

    The first test should be simple enough. While I may not do so often, I am certainly capable of crying. Though to be honest, I’ve never had to cry on cue. Maybe you could help with that, though. Nearby there is an onion field that belonged to one of the local farmers. It’s abandoned, and most of it is dried up by now, but you might be able to find one onion ripe enough in there to cause some tears.

    I am all too familiar with the bloodfly’s bite. We had them all over the fields surrounding Waycrest Manor. Though I’m loathe to subject myself to them on purpose, if it will help convince these people, I am willing to deal with that nuisance. Find a jar and collect as many bloodflies as you can. They are common in these parts, and shouldn’t be hard to find.

    This last test I am not looking forward to, but it is certainly better than being set on fire. They say that a witch can’t get sick. We will prove to them that I can. A venom comes from the saurolisks nearby that is used by our healers when a child swallows something they shouldn’t. When ingested, it will make you immediately ill, emptying the contents of the stomach. You’ll need several of their venom glands to get enough venom for an appropriate dose. Removing them intact may prove difficult.

    Oh, hello there. Sorry, we don’t get many mainlanders in these parts. This plot was my husband Sam’s farm. He used to tend to the onion fields every day before the curse befell Glenbrook and took him with it. With my husband gone, this farm is all I have left, and these quillrats are making sure I don’t get even that. I’d hate to bother a perfect stranger, but could you help quell this infestation?

  • The Burden of Proof

    I think we have everything we need to conduct three of the villagers’ tests. Let us hope this is enough to convince them. I’m sure Constable Framer is chomping at the bit to proceed with his trial, and I would prefer it if you were the one to administer the tests. I may not know you well, but I trust you farther than the constable. Speak with him when you’re ready to begin. …and do me a favor. Make this quick.

    As is customary, the lady Waycrest has chosen the tests she will undergo to prove her innocence of the accused crime of witchcraft.
    She has selected this mainlander to administer the tests. An unusual test…but as a show of good faith, I will allow it.
    The first test will be the shedding of tears. Let it be known that Miss Waycrest shed not one tear during the entire process.
    Is the accused even capable of weeping? Show us, that we may pass our judgment.
    The second test will be the stinging of insets. It is well known that even the voracious bloodily will not taste of a witch’s vile blood.
    Interesting, but hardly conducive. Let us move onto the final test…the purging of the viscera.
    It is well known that a witch’s power is fueled not by food, but by consuming the souls of her victims. her insides are an empty husk.

    I remain unconvinced. This still doesn’t explain the happenings at Fletcher’s Hollow.
    What?! After all I just went through!
    Tests or no, you will only be absolved once we uncover the truth of what happened to our village!
    Ugh… I’m sorry, mainlander…but I amy have to ask another favor.

  • The Curse of Fletcher’s Hollow

    It’s obvious the constable won’t be swayed until we discover what happened at Fletcher’s Hollow. I know very little myself–only that the village has been overrun by strange creatures made of wicker and bone. I must ask that you travel there in my stead and try to uncover what befell the village. I’m sure Marhsal Reade will prevent the constable from harming me while you’re away. Do this for me, and I will help you as I can.

  • Save Who We CanClear-Cutting

    These wicker things seem intent on capturing our people – but we’re not quite sure what for. The ones in the town might be too tough to reach right now, but we might be able to save some that fled to the woods. Head to the lumber fields just east of here, and see if there’s anyone still alive out there. We can shelter them here until we can arrange safe passage out of here.

    We’ve managed to hold this hill, but the wicker creatures have moved in to surround us. We’re not going to be able to move into the town if we don’t get them off our flanks. This is where you come in, <class>. See if you can clear out some of their numbers in the lumber fields. That way, when we move in, we only need to worry about one front.

  • Hope They Can’t Swim

    We’ve got a small boat docked right across the way there. If we can get these villagers safely on board, they should be able to make it to Fallhaven by river. You’re a capable fighter, no doubt. Can I count on you to fend off any attackers while we get them to safety?

  • Charming the Lifeless

    <This charm looks similar to the one these strange women are using to control the wicker men. If you could figure out how it works, you might be able to use one of their constructs against them.>

  • A Revealing Missive

    <The strange woman possessed a letter from someone calling herself “Matron Levae” which appears to have orders to take the town of Fletcher’s Hollow. This could be the evidence needed to absolve Lucille Waycrest. Mayor Pare should be interested in seeing this.>

  • The Murderous MatronCulling the Coven

    I know that you’ve got what you came for, but I need to ask you one more favor. This town won’t be safe until this Matron Levae is taken care of. According to the letter, she must be holed up in that cave. None of our people have been able to enter it, but I know I’ve seen their constructs go in! This charm you found might be the key. If you can take control of one of these wicker men and send it after her, we might have a shot!

    If the mine really was their objective, I can only imagine they’d have even more forces in there. Me and my men may be able to take care of the remnants out here, but if an even bigger force comes out of that mine, we’re not going to stand a chance. While you’re hunting down the matron with this wicker contraption, do you think you could… you know… soften them up a bit?

  • An Airtight Alibi:

    It’ll take us a while to clean up the wicker creatures that are left over, but I’m confident we’ll be able to take back Fletcher’s Hollow – thanks to you, of course. Here, take this letter to the constable. It should be enough to clear Miss Waycrest’s name. I’m sorry you had to witness all of this, mainlander. We are good people, but these are terrible times.

    Attention! It has been determined that another witch was in fact responsible for the curse in Fletcher’s Hollow.

  • And Justice For All

    Thank you for helping to redeem me in the eyes of my people, <class>. I am in your debt, and I will be sure to let my father know. In the mean time, I think we should find out what this Heartsbane Coven is, and what they are doing in our lands. I hope the Marshal will be able to enlighten us. First thing’s first, though. Care to undo these ropes? They’re starting to chafe.

    <An ambush from the coven takes place.>
    And my father? What is he doing to combat this incursion?
    They…they have him, my lady. We were working on a way to extract him when we heard word of this…trial.
    Well then, it looks like we’re going to have to take the fight to the coven. I think know how to do just that.

  • A Slight Detour

    If this coven is drawing its power from these ancient ruins, then I may just know of something that could help us fight back. Meet me at the first fork along the Highroad Pass. There is something there I want you to see.

  • Yeti to RumbleSalvage Rights

    It would seem that the guard have been lax in patrolling the Highroad Pass. The mountain yetis have taken advantage of their absence, and now lie directly in our path. I am no soldier, <class>, so I will need to ask that you take care of them while I try to sneak past. If we can drive them off the road, at least it will make the pass safe again for travelers.

    This poor trader was set upon by the yetis. There’s nothing we can do for him now, but we would be remiss to let his supplies be laid to waste by these brutes. See if you can find any supplies worth salvaging. You can use Bella as a pack horse. Don’t worry, she’s a brave mare. She won’t spook easily.

  • Diversionary Tactics

    Our destination is that cottage up ahead. I know it doesn’t look like much, but a great deal of history is hidden inside. First, though, we’ll need to deal with that massive yeti camped just outside. I’d hate to ask it of you, but I’ll need you to draw his attention so I can slip inside. Once you’ve taken care of him, I’ll meet you within.

  • Unlocking History

    I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve brought you here. Located somewhere inside this cottage is a hidden door. If we can find a way to access it, the answer to your questions, and possibly our survival against the coven, should lie beyond. Help me search for it, <class>.

  • The Ruins of Gol Var

    Long ago, when Kul Tiras was first settled, our people encountered a savage group of warmongering barbarians. They called themselves the Drust.
    Drustvar was their ancestral home. It was from here that they launched endless raids into our fledgling hamlets.
    This carried on for countless years, until the ancestors of House Waycrest decided that soothing had to be done.
    My ancestors fought against stone constructs much like these in their war against the Drust.
    The Waycrests have always been hearty folk, but the Durst’s magic was strong. We were losing the war…
    In the end, it was our scholars that turned the tide…
    As I was saying, the tide of the war shifted when our scholars began to uncover weaknesses in the Drust’s magic.
    They kept that knowledge hidden here, safe from unwanted hands.
    Here it is…the last resting place of the Order of Embers. Are you ready to revive ancient history?

  • The Order of Embers

    The Order of Embers was the name given to those who took up these arms against the Drust. Using the tools and methods uncovered by the scholars, they were able to counter the Drust’s magic, and ensure our victory in the war. If the coven wants to use the Drust’s magic against us, then we’ll use the Order’s weapons against them. The knowledge of the Order rests here, but without a hand to wield it, it will do us no good. Will you be that hand, <class>? Will you revive the Order of Embers?

  • Take the High Road

    Let us continue to Highpass. It will take some time to parse the knowledge of the tome and train more Inquisitors for our cause. If the Order’s weapons are as effective against the coven as they were against the Drust, we may stand a chance of rescuing my family and restoring this land to its former glory. I will make my way there on foot. Until we meet again, <class>.

  • A Lesson in Witch Hunting

    While I appreciate the dedication that went into compiling this tome, this thing reads like engineering instructions for a siege engine! I’ll need some time to comb through this information for anything that might be useful to us. I wouldn’t mind some assistance, if you have a moment. For starters, I could use some more light in here…

  • Sharp ThinkingChanging of the GuardImplements of Ill Intent

    I have reason to believe that the coven has already infiltrated Highpass. There are many unfamiliar faces here, with the refugees from Corlain, and we know they can use their magic to appear like one of us. This needle is fashioned of solid silver. If the witches are indeed vulnerable to silver, then a prick from this may be enough to break their spell. The refugees may not be too keen on being prodded, but they must understand that this is for the good of the town – and possibly all of Drustvar.

    I have no doubt that you’re a quite capable <class>, mainlander, but we will need some help if we want to make it to Waycrest Manor in one piece. A small group would be ideal – strong enough to face the coven’s threats, but small enough to remain largely unnoticed. <Reade produces a bundle of letters.> I have written new orders to some of my finest soldiers to join your Order of Embers. They will report to you and the lady Waycrest. Please deliver these to them, so they can be prepared to move out.

    <It looks like some careless witch made a poor attempt to hide this grimoire from sight. No good could come of leaving the possessions of the coven for a hapless villager to find. It would probably be a good idea to destroy any trapping of the coven that you find in Highpass.>

  • A New Order

    Before we leave, I have one more task to ask of you. While you were busy recruiting our Inquisitors and driving the coven away from Highpass, I took the liberty of placing and order with the local tailor. Using some of the sketches within the tome, I had him put together some uniforms reminiscent of those worn by the ancient Order. Since you will be leading our Inquisitors, I think it�s only fitting that you present them with their new regalia.

    Brothers and Sisters, today you become the searing fire that burns away the darkness.
    Today you become the shining blade that cuts through the wicked.
    Today you become the beacon of hope against the endless foe.
    By the authority of House Waycrest, I name you inquisitors of the Order of Embers.

  • A Little Fine PruningIt Stakes A VillageSpell Bound

    The town is overrun! The guard holding the barricade seem to barely be holding out against these monsters. If the number of invaders was thinned then the defenders would be able to get their footing. See what you can do to cut down the numbers of monsters in town!

    Some of the villagers have been so far twisted by the witches magic they cannot see reason. They are little more than wretched beasts blindly following orders. Regretfully, we must end their torment. Slay these hexthralled villagers so that we might save their neighbors.

    <The villager is held captive by a binding circle. Destroying the circle should free the villager.>

  • Hold The Barricade!

    <name> they’re rallying for a heavy assault! We’ll need to defend these barricades from attack! Are you with me?

  • So Long, Sister

    We have given the defenders some breathing room, but these creatures will return. They must be directed by a leader of some sort. But where… The mansion on the hill! A witch could see everything from there! Go into the mansion and slay the witch!

  • Building DefensesCuriously StrongBramblethorn

    We’ll be able to push those monsters back now, but my defenders won’t stand a chance unless we build a forward barricade for protection. There should be plenty of lumber to build a barricade near the entrance to town.

    Good heavens! They set that building on fire! It seems the bucket brigade could use a hand. Let’s see… Yes! Here! It was an experiment in breath mints. They proved to be bit too chilly for most people here in town but you seem like a stout sort. Just be sure you’re facing the fires when you bite down on them, and I’m certain those fires will be out in no time!

    I was playing with Lord and Lady Sharptooth when Papa made me come with him. I dropped poor Lord Sharptooth and one of those big mean monsters grabbed him! Papa said he’d try to get him back but he’s been gone a long time. I think he got busy. Mama and all the adults are busy doing stuff for Mayor Royston. Lady Sharptooth and I are really sad. Can you beat up that mean monster and save my dino?

  • A Weapon of Old

    I’ve been studying the parchment Lady Lucielle sent with you and have translated some of the older language. They called it “Liquid Fire” and it was used to “burn away the Drust”. Using this as a basis I believe we can adapt it to our needs. This is a complex recipe but it just so happens I have everything we need to make this potent alchemical weapon! I will need your assistance in creating this. Would you be so kind as to help?

  • Fighting With Fire

    Excellent! Now that we have these lovely Liquid Fire flasks prepared we have one last thing to do: Test them out! There are some of those abominations lurking about in the woods above my home. I think they would make excellent test subjects for our little alchemical experiment, wouldn’t you say?

  • Into the Witchwood

    Master Ashton has been taken into the forest. He isn’t the only one. Mayor Royston’s headcount came up short. It seems our next steps are clear. We must go into the woods and save Master Ashton. Marten and I will sneak into the forest and meet you near some ruins further in.

  • Saving Master AshtonOdds and EndsBittersweet

    I believe I see Master Ashton in a cage. He must be freed! Those witches with the long masks appear to be in charge. I bet they would have the means to open his cage. I will remain here to protect Apprentice Webb and keep the area secure. BALKHS

    I was able to study some of those wooden hounds in town and I think I might be able to make something useful if I had more, ah, bits to study. If you can bring me some organic matter samples from the hounds and some of the reagents the witches use, it would be of immense help. And if some hounds and witches should meet violent ends in the process? Well, I know I won’t be shedding any tears.

    Hey! I need to get out of here and get back to Falconhurst! My husband and I were looking for my daughter’s favorite toy when I was taken. Please, I need to get out of here! I need to know my family is safe. They took my gear. It is all around camp. Get me out of here then bring back my gear, please!

  • Bruin PotionsBlooming in AdversityThe First to Fall

    Master Ashton is in no state to speak with us but I know a potion that will snap him out of it right away. To do this I will need some additional components. I’ve noticed some bears nearby- Ah, I can see you already know where this is going. I’ll need a few of those hearts to make this recipe. Hopefully these bears aren’t much more dangerous than a normal beast.

    Master Ashton’s potion requires another easy to acquire component from the forest. Despite the foul witch magic here, Hearthbloom plants continue to grow in defiance of the magical corruption. I’ll need their petals to complete my work. While you do that I’ll mix up the base. We’ll get Master Ashton back on his feet in no time.

    While we’ve been here, I’ve heard one of the witches nearby. Dispatch her. I expect she will be but the first matron we will face in this forest. I will stand guard over Master Ashton and Marten.

  • A Little ‘Pick Me Up’

    Now to mix this up. <Marten begins to combine the components in a mug> I’m using some rather strong grog as a base, a drop of chilli extract and a sodium chloride tablet… There! <Marten hands you a mug> It will taste worse than it smells, but it will bring Master Ashton to his senses. Please give this mug to him.

  • Matrons of the CrimsonwoodStopping the Grand RiteWitch Way Out?

    The witches in charge, the matrons… <Ashton shudders for a moment then composes himself.> They have powerful charms they use to control this macabre army of wood, flesh and bone. I have been observing them. I believe I can craft an even more powerful charm – one we can use. I will need the very strongest charms to create this object. It is doubtful that they will part with them easily. Take this potion. It will be able to weaken the matron so you might have a better chance of success.

    The witches of the Crimsonwood are planning a Grand Rite, a powerful ritual. They intend to rip open reality and bring their dark master through! I suspect they may be in communion with the Drust King. We cannot allow their ritual to succeed. I need you to be the tip of the spear while I protect Master Ashton and Marten. Cause havoc and disrupt their rituals. We’ll reconvene near the large tree and the lake.

    There are other Falconhurst citizens to be freed before they become sacrifices. You free anyone you come across and I shall do the same. Together we can free everyone from a dark fate. The key used to free Master Ashton should still work. Good luck!

  • In the Hall of the Drust King

    I’ve been watching a lot of activity going on at the ruins at the base of the massive tree by the lake. What Master Ashton reported is accurate – something important is going on down there. We’ve disrupted their rituals but I worry we might have been too late. We need to go over there. If there is anything remaining, we must destroy it.

  • Stick It To ‘Em!

    We have been able to stop the Grand Rite but the witches will try again unless we act. We have to destroy them. Utterly. <Cleardawn smiles.> How kind of them to give us the means. You’ve helped us get this far, <name>. You control the Demolisher. Destroy everything you see! Once we’ve finished we can signal for help out of here!

  • The Road to Corlain

    Lord and Lady Waycrest lay trapped in Waycrest Manor. Before we can reach them, however, we must brave through the city of Corlain which is firmly in the grasp of the Heartsbane. Our first course of action should be to set up a forward outpost. Our scouts have found that the tower at Watchman’s Rise is only lightly guarded. I recommend we take the tower from them. This is now your command, <class>. Say the word, and we ride.

  • The First Watch

    As you can see, the coven has conscripted my own guardsmen into their service. Though I am loathe to battle my own, these men are too corrupted by the coven’s magic to be saved. For them, death is the only mercy we can give. Your Inquisitors await your command, <class>. Are you ready to take the tower?

  • A Weather Eye

    It would be wise to get a lay of the land before we put together a plan of action. Inquisitor Notley is an expert falconer, and a reliable scout. He utilizes an ancient relic to see through the eyes of his falcon — allowing him to survey great distances. Unfortunately, Notley was injured during the fighting. Nothing serious, but it’s left him unable to concentrate enough to control his falcon. Perhaps you could help?

    Inquistor Notley:
    So they’ve put up a barrier, eh? I can’t say I’m surprised, but that will prove problematic.
    Why don’t we do a flyover of the town proper. be sure to come in low enough that we can get a good look.
    They’re rounding up the townspeople? That must mean that they’re not completely under the coven’s spell!
    Maybe there are more survivors out there!
    Before we return, there’s one last place we should check. There’s an armory right over the hill. Let’s see if anyone’s home.
    The blacksmith is alive? We’re in luck! Though we’d better get to him quickly.

  • A Steady BallastPrecious Metals

    The Armory presents us a ripe opportunity, <class> — one I suggest we take. If this battle were to draw out, we have little means to repair our arms and armor. A blacksmith is invaluable to any war effort, and Ballaster is one of our best. The Armory is but a short ride from here. I suggest you get to Ballaster before it’s too late!

    <class>, I have another objective we should consider. The Bleak Hills Mine is not too far from our location. Though the miners there principally extract iron, they do on occasion find silver among the veins. We do not know the current state of the mine, but it’s unlikely that the coven has passed it over. However, it would be worth braving whatever dangers lie there to recover some silver to use against them.

  • An Eight-Legged CurseAll Wrapped Up

    Some terrible old hag unleashed a swarm of these horrible spiders in the mine! I was barely able to make it out alive, but they’ve got me surrounded! You can’t leave me here! Please kill those things!

    While I was able to get out of the mine, some of my friends weren’t so lucky. I saw those spiders wrap them up in their webs — probably to save them for a snack later. It was terrible, but all I could do was run. Will you help them?

  • Digging for Scraps

    Well met, <class>. I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty to scout ahead and assess the situation at the armory. The good news is that there still seems to be some salvagable arms left in the armory. The bad news, of course, is that the coven is after them as well. Additional weapons could be a great boon to our cause. I recommend we take all we can carry.

  • An Improvised Arsenal

    I don’t know much about blacksmithing, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be enough silver to outfit all of the Inquisitors. We will need to find another way to use this. Let us hope that Ballaster can come up with something… creative.

    When the quest is finished you will learn the Witchrend gun spell.

  • Witchrending

    A blunderbuss? I’d have to say, I wasn’t quite expecting that. Nonetheless, now that we have a weapon, we have an advantage. I think it’s time we take the fight directlly to the coven. Marshal Reade informed me that several of their Matrons have been spotted throughout Corlain. Let’s show them what happens to an enemy of House Waycrest.

  • Remembering the FallenReeking Refuge

    <This villager died clutching a brooch with what looks like a family crest. It looks like several villagers didn’t survive the coven’s occupation of Corlain. It might be possible to identify the fallen by the keepsakes they carried. The survivors would likely be grateful to learn the fate of their loved ones.>

    Oh good, maybe you can make sense of this. I was just carving through a swath of the coven’s lackeys when I stumbled across this field. Something here has knocked these guys completely out of commission! I can’t seem to find the source, but maybe you’ll have better luck. I’m more used to hitting things than investigating them.

  • An Offensive HarvestEating Through the Defenses

    So you’re takin the fight to the coven with the Waycrest girl, eh? Ya might just be able to take advantage of their apparent onion aversion. While you’re out rootin’ in the field, keep an eye out for any onions bulging out of the ground. Those ones should be particularly aromatic, and should cause some fits in the coven’s minions if you keep it on ya. Just try not to take too much, right? I need enough left in the fields to keep the farm safe.

    Not sure why and don’t rightly care, but for some reason the coven can’t come near my onion field. So long as my crop doesn’t give out, I can hole up in here as long as it takes. Unfortunately, those boars got the same idea and now they’re eatin’ up my harvest! If they keep that up, soon there’ll be nothin’ keepin’ the coven at bay! If you can do me a favor and thin them out, I’d be happy to let you take some of these onions with you.

  • Potent Protection

    Here ya go, I got them onions bundled up nicely for ya. Give my regards to Miss Waycrest, will ya? Her allies are welcome on my farm anytime.

  • Barrier BusterA Traitor’s Death

    Oy, <name>! I think I might have a solution te that pesky barrier keepin ye out of Corlain proper! I took the silver we had left ‘ere an’ doctored up one o’ these cannonballs. The walls surroundin’ Corlain are festooned with defensive cannons. Get one pointed at the gate, ye can send this beauty right into the barrier! Ye’ll need a hefty pinch of powder te get this thing movin’, though – it’s a bit on the heavy side. Ye can likely find some in the camp outside the walls.

    It has come to my attention that you intend to assault the camp outside of the walls. If this is so, I have a request. Though most of the guardsmen who fight against us were turned to the coven against their will, Captain Goodspeed and his brigade of halberdiers gave their souls willingly to the Heartsbane. They are traitors and an affront to the Waycrest Guard. You will find Goodspeed and his men stationed at the camp. I would consider it a personal favor if you would cut them down to the last.

  • Break On Through

    Use the Ramparts Cannon to break the barrier at the gate to Upper Corlain.

  • To the Other SideHexecutionerRuinous RitualsThe Fall of Corlain

    It looks like the coven is using Corlain as a base of operations. There’s no way we’ll be able to cut through this many of them without the rest of the Inquisitors. They must still be stuck behind the wall. <class>, there are three smaller footmen gates along the walls into Corlain. See if you can get them open so our allies can make their way through.

    It would appear that this is where the coven is training their new acolytes. Our efforts may be for naught if they continue to expand their numbers. I cannot leave Lucille’s side in this place, but you have already shown yourself a formidable combatant. Cut them down.

    Take a look in the city square, <class>. <Marshal Reade gestures toward a ritual being performed by some disciples in the distance.> I don’t know what they’re doing to that wicker construct, but I don’t like it. We’ve seen the kind of damage those things can do without the aid of the coven’s magic. I am loath to see what those are capable of. You know what must be done.

    <This discarded journal looks like it belonged to one of the residents of upper Corlain. Within it details some early signs of the Heartsbane’s appearance in Corlain. If you can find more writings like this, you might be able to piece together the events that led to Corlain’s current state.>

    It has been a fortnight since anyone in Corlain has seen or heard from Lord or Lady Waycrest. Solicitors are turned back by the gate guards with no word on their condition.

    Rumors are abound that the land is suffering from a wasting sickness, and that the lady is so grief-stricken she has locked herself in his chambers.

    These are truly dark times for Drustvar.

    This is the third night that our Maggie has secreted away when she thought her father and I were asleep. I tried to follow, but I lost her outside the courtyard to Waycrest Manor.

    The Daveys said their girl has also gone missing some nights, only to return as mysteriously as she left, acting as if nothing is the matter.

    Her father swears he saw her enter the manor, but that’s preposterous. Nobody has been in our out of that manor in weeks!

    There has been a third disappearance this week. The guards insist there is nothing to be worried about, but I know better.

    I spoke with Mr Knowlton just last night, and he saw the body of Jon the stablehand, who was the first to go missing. The image was burned in his brain, he said – profane markings covering the wall of his servant’s shack, and his body sprawled on his cart, a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be.

    Knowlton is gone, now, and the guards are silent.

    I feel that Corlain is no longer safe for me and my family. Once we’re able, we should relocate to Arom’s Stand.

  • Storming the Manor

    Now is our chance. Waycrest Manor is just up that hill, and hopefully inside we’ll find my mother and father. If we also manage to find the “Mother” that’s leading this horrible coven, then we will make her regret the day she ever set foot in Drustvar. Are you with me, <class>?

    This quest was incomplete – an in-game event will occur, and afterwards, we must kill Marshall Reade. With his dying breath, he says that he’s failed his dearest Lucy.

  • The Fallen Mother

    This is all a lot to process… The Marshal… gone? My mother… the leader of the coven? It’s just too much… …but we have come too far to turn back now. It is clear that my mother and father, as I knew them, are gone. It is time we cleansed the taint from this land. Take the inquisitors and find them in Waycrest Manor. End this, once and for all.

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