Radio Hosts Give Struggling Grocery Clerk The Best Mother’s Day Surprise

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Tina Stoilova is a hardworking mom from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The mother-of-four works so hard to make sure her children are fed and cared for.

Things were especially rough around Mother’s Day 2015 because Tina hadn’t seen one of her daughters, who moved overseas, in over a year.

One day, Tina was in the middle of her shift at the Cole’s supermarket when she was called to help a customer in aisle six.

As Tina brushed down the aisle, she didn’t look twice at the woman standing with her back turned towards her in the cereal aisle. What she didn’t know was that a hidden camera had been set up inside the supermarket, courtesy of two radio DJs named Kyle and Jackie O. Tina was about to be given the surprise of a lifetime.

The second she gave the female customer a second glance, she looked closer at her face and screamed. I can see why!

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