Radio Show Host Gives Birth On The Air And Listeners Name Her Baby

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Giving birth is a daunting task for many first-time moms, but St. Louis radio show host Cassiday Proctor didn’t let that stop her from broadcasting the birth of her son live on the air!

Cassiday, the co-host of “Spencer’s Neighborhood” on 106.5 The Arch, allowed her listeners to be a part of her pregnancy from the beginning by announcing it on the air and keeping them informed until the due date. When it finally came along, a phone brought listeners into the room with her: hundreds of people heard everything, even the baby boy’s first cries!

Cassiday and her husband didn’t stop there: they asked listeners to help them name their first child. They used a March Madness-type bracket to determine the winning moniker out of about 400 suggestions: Jameson.

Although there were many names the show host wasn’t too fond of, such as “Fredbird” and “StanTheMan,” she and her hubby are thrilled with their pick!

The new mom says that she wasn’t nervous about giving birth live on the air.

She told KSDK, “The only part I was nervous about was bringing a child into the world.”

Luckily, baby Jameson was born in perfect health, weighing 7lb 6oz.

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Footage and photo provided by KSDK St. Louis

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