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The Borderlands show’s first episode premiered today and had creative director Paul Sage join Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella from Kinda Funny and talk a whole lot about BL3. One of the more interesting topics they covered was the upcoming free Halloween themed DLC, Bloody Harvest. We’ve already seen something similar in Borderlands 2 and we found out that in 3 the event will last around a month, start in late October and feature new weapons, a new map, enemies, cosmetics and a new/redone boss in Captain Haunt (a modified version of Maliwan’s Captain Traunt from Athenas).

You can check out more details on the event below, and it entails a cool way of unlocking it, as special mobs will be spawning throughout the galaxy that you’ll have to find in order to get to the new map and boss.

The Borderlands show also covered launch issues and bugs, as well as touched on the upcoming Maliwan Takedown event, in that it will be raid content.

Bloody Harvest (source)

Get ready to bust some ghosts this October when the Bloody Harvest event takes over Borderlands 3. On the first episode of The Borderlands Show, Borderlands 3 Creative Director Paul Sage joined hosts Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella from Kinda Funny for a look at the creepy content coming in the Bloody Harvest event.

Everyone can take part in Bloody Harvest when it goes live in October, as it’s the first of many free updates and events you can expect from Borderlands 3. For the duration of the event, any Vault Hunters who have departed Pandora for the first time and started exploring the far reaches of space aboard Sanctuary III will start to encounter Haunted enemies around the galaxy. These Haunted enemies are your key to accessing a new event-specific map, but watch out—the Ghosts that rise from the bodies of slain Haunted enemies will do their best to scare you to death. Coming into contact with one of these aggressive apparitions will induce the new Terror debuff, which partially shrouds your vision in a mysterious mist and weakens your gun handling, accuracy, and spread. As you explore the ghost-infested galaxy, you’ll earn Hecktoplasm that can be turned in to Maurice, your scaly new pal who’s taken residence aboard Sanctuary III.

Once you’ve earned entry into the Bloody Harvest map, beware: dreadful dangers abound at every turn. Look to the shadowy sky and you’ll see winged Rakk-O’-Lanterns soaring through the air, eager to swoop down and breathe fire in your face. Tread lightly through a ghastly graveyard crawling with Maliwan goons who’ve reserved a burial plot just for you. Resist the urge to retch as you fight through a Ratch-infested pit with rivers of blood running through it.

Should you survive these blood-curdling battles, you’ll come face to skull with the Baron of Bloody Harvest himself. If you’ve been braving the many planets of Borderlands 3’s story campaign, you might remember facing off against Captain Traunt, a gigantic Maliwan heavy soldier with some killer elemental attacks. He’s back, albeit a bit bonier, as Captain Haunt, complete with some spooky new powers. Any who dare to enter the domain of this monstrous, bone-headed boss should be ready for one hell of a fight.

Of course, Bloody Harvest is also the perfect time to rock some costumes, and you’ll be able to earn some new cosmetic rewards during the event. All told, you can add an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, a skin for each of the four Vault Hunters (which also apply to Moze’s mech Iron Bear and Fl4K’s pets), and ultimately a Global Weapon Skin to your collection if you dedicate yourself to destroying the undead. There’s also new Legendary loot to farm, including two guns and a shield that play into the new Terror mechanic, as well as a grenade mod. Additionally, new Anointed loot drops from Haunted enemies, Ghosts, and Captain Haunt will have a chance to have Terror-based modifiers. Here’s a look at some of the spooky swag that you can only earn during Bloody Harvest:

Bloody Harvest is creeping up soon, so get ready to fight back against supernatural specters this October. The Borderlands Show also revealed the release date for Borderlands 2 VR on Steam, coming October 22 with all the BAMF DLC included. Paul Sage even gave out a SHiFT code for a Borderlands 3 Golden Key during the show; if you missed it, you can always rewatch the episode here to get the details. Be sure to come back for The Borderlands Show Episode 2 on October 22-ish over at the official Borderlands Twitch channel, which will include a look at the Maliwan Takedown event first teased in the roadmap shown during the PAX West reveals.


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