Rastakhan’s Rumble Card Reveals: Mojomaster Zihi & Spirit of the Rhino – News

We have three new cards to review from Rastakhan’s Rumble: an Epic Hunter spell, the Druid Legendary champion and an Epic Shaman spell.

The first card was revealed by Bertels:

The wording on this card is a bit dodgy, but the consensus of what it actually does is that you get a choice of three minions from your deck and if all three are Beasts, you draw these three cards (and not copies of them). Otherwise, you just draw a single minion. Having deciphered that, Hunter is finally getting some draw! It’s probably worth building a Beast deck around that card, or you can use this as a 3-mana targeted draw in a minion-light deck with big threats.

Wardruid Loti was unveiled by Kripparrian:

Here are Loti’s four forms:

None of these individual forms makes you say “wow”, but the fact that the card has this versatility and flexibility to adapt to the situation you are currently facing is extremely positive. Here’s what Wardruid Loti becomes with the help of Fandral Staghelm in Wild:

The last card of the day was revealed by Jogue como um Ogro:

This card reminds me a little bit of Effigy, but at the same time they are very different. The problem with Big Bad Voodoo is that it is way too situational and random. You might as well play Ancestral Spirit for the same mana cost and get an expected result (unless you get Silenced).

Card images are courtesy of Hearthpwn.

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