Reader Discussion: What Game Do You Wish You Had Played Earlier?

We've all got that one game, right (well, maybe more than one)? The one we put off playing for a year, saying we'd get to it later. A year passed. Five years passed. A decade.And then you actually try it for the first time and it just hasn't aged well at all, or you don't get why people loved it.

For me, that game is Psychonauts.

I've always appreciated Double Fine's humor and had heard about how good Psychonauts was. However, I loaded up the game for the first time nearly 10 years after it released and it was…fine. I didn't love it. I found the game's characters enchanting, its world interesting, but it was such a chore to play. Not necessarily the game's fault since it was nearly a decade old, but I still couldn't help but be disappointed.

What about you, reader? Let us know in the comments below.

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