Recap of 28/3 Rise of Shadows Card Reveals – News

A Legendary Paladin minion and a Common Mage Spell were revealed in a Hearthside Chat video with Peter Whalen.

We have seen a lot of cards revealed from the League of E.V.I.L. but we still don’t know enough about the Defenders of Daralan. Peter Whalen is here to introduce them to us:

Commander Rhyssa is the guard captain of Dalaran. It’s intriguing that she’s a Gnome Paladin, given that this combination isn’t available (yet!) in World of Warcraft.

Rhyssa comes with vanilla stats and a pretty juicy effect. The problem is, even with the new No Surrender Secret, Paladin doesn’t have that many and that powerful Secrets in Standard and playing Secrets from your hand is considered bad. If you are wondering how Commander Rhyssa is going to work with Redemption, according to Liv Breeden, she doesn’t come back twice with it; however, if a different minion dies while she’s up, you’ll get two of that.

Ray of Frost is a new Mage spell:

This is really difficult to judge. My first thought, when I saw it, is that it reminds me of a worse Breath of Sindragosa with Twinspell. Upon further examination, I realised it is a essentially a 2-mana “Deal 2 damage and Freeze a target for two turns”, which is a mediocre deal. 1-mana cards are usually the ones to look out for and this can become free with Sorcerer’s Apprentice, while it works well with Vex Crow and Wild Pyromancer. Based on its cheap cost and versatile effect, quite a few people think this card is a sleeper. I guess we’ll have to see how good Twinspell will actually be in play.

A recap with the rest of today’s reveals can be found here.

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